Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Oktoberfest if the most looked forward to fest of them all! It's the biggest fest in all of Germany towards the end of the fest season. This fest is huge and full of beer tents, delicious food, games, rides, and people from all over the world! Today it is the most known fest in all of Germany, and people continue to travel from all over to visit it.

King Ludwig (who you have heard about on my blog before, here) the first married Princess Therese on October 12th, 1810. They invited the city of Munich to celebrate their wedding with them. The celebration lasted several days and all of the town had so much fun, that they didn't want it to end. And as we can tell today, it never did! Even after King Ludwig had passed away they continued this tradition of Oktoberfest and continuously added more events to it until it became the world wide phenomenon that it is today, and it all started with a wedding.
Oktoberfest is held in the city of Munich, which has a ton of food options itself. Inside the fest, there is everything from the all famous Germany pretzels and beer, to giant cookies, to of course Schnitzel! While we were at Oktoberfest we had ourselves some good 'ole German beer and sausage. Yes, yes it was good.

Being the biggest fest in all of Germany, there are a big number of things to do and see. The best way to think of Oktoberfest if you have never been to a fest in Germany is like a fair. There are carnival rides, games, food stands, and shopping stands. The thing that sticks out the most of course, are all of the beer tents. There is a beer tent for every brand of beer you could think of. Inside these tents are rows and rows of tables and benches full of loud, singing, drinking, happy people. Depending on what you like and how much time you have, you could have entertainment for several days!

Of course the popular thing to do when going to Oktoberfest is to wear your Dirndl (if you're a lady) and your Lederhosen (if you're a man).

While we were sitting in a beer tent at the fest, we had another group that had sat down next to us. We of course noticed how they were speaking English very well and started talking with them. And as a big giant surprise to us, they were from the same town that we are from! How about that? We traveled half way around the world to sit next to someone from our hometown. Small world, isn't it?