Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 Benefits To Living On A Military Base

Free Gym

One with nice equipment, might I add. I always go with a friend between 9-12. That way it's after the morning work out rush, when the soldiers work out before they go to work, and it's before the lunch time rush when soldiers like to work out on their lunch break. It's perfect. There's hardly anyone there and there's always room for you to do whatever you want. That machine you love? Yeah, it's not being used, hop right on. They also have a dress code, which is kind of nice. If you've ever been to the gym I'm sure you've seen that girl with the tiny tank top where her boobs are popping out, and the tiny short shorts to go with it. Nobody is aloud to dress inappropriately here. I find that nice, because seriously I don't understand why some people dress like that, you're there to work out and get fit.... Not to get attention. Did I mention that it's free too? Uhm, that's like the best thing about this gym. It's a pain to pay for a gym membership that you don't use enough so it isn't worth the money. Free gym fixes that problem. More money in that pocket of yours.

Commissary and PX/BX

It is a privilege to be able to shop at the PX/BX (PX, otherwise known as BX on air force bases) and the commissary. They have discounted foods, which, I don't even need to explain that one to you. The commissary also has a new coupon system that is all online. You grab a card which comes with two key chain cards as well from the commissary, then register it online. Once you register the cards, you have access to online coupons which you just add to your account. When you head to the commissary don't forget to scan that card, because that's when those coupons you saved online get used. It may not save a ton of money, but some is better than none. Items are tax free, which saves some money right there as well. The commissary and PX/BX also have a dress code like the gym does, which again can be a nice thing to have. I know that it can also be looked at in a negative way, but I try to stay positive, and I'll leave it at that. Another thing that most people pass up, are all of the "magazines" that are in the entryway of the commissary. LOOK IN THOSE! They have coupons as well. I always grab them and look through them as I shop around.


Libraries on post are a great thing to have. They contain computers for soldiers and their families to use, where you can also print pages for free (of a reasonable amount of course, don't take advantage of it and print like 100 pages haha). Of course they have books, and plenty of them! Along with those they also have movies and t.v. shows that you can check out for a certain amount of time, just like their books. They have a ton of different varieties of things to take home. They also have scheduled activities for little ones, like story time. 


I've discovered many benefits to living on base. Living on base means that you live close to where your military member works, which means that they will be home not long after they get off work, instead of driving off base to get home. More time with family is what that means. Living on base also means that you live next to other Military families who know what you're going through and can relate to you. They are all going through similar things. If you're new, they can help you find where you need to go or give you phone numbers for appointment lines, etc. Not to mention that they could become good friends. I've personally gotten to know my neighbors, they welcomed my husband and I to our little complex with open and loving arms. They made us feel welcome and like we belonged there. That is a benefit. 

Being Close To Where he works

Of course I've already mentioned this with housing, but there are more benefits to being close to where he works than just him getting home earlier. You're also saving gas money, and for the base that I live on, that's a lot of gas money being saved. His work is only about a 5 minute drive from where we live, tops. Barely any gas money is being spent compared to if we lived in the next town. Living on base also means that they can come home for lunch. Spend more time with their family, and eat a meal at home instead of paying for one somewhere on base. 


Living on a Military base is something different. It's different than living in a city. It's more patriotic, with the American flag hung for all to see. Where you must stand and salute the flag at 5p.m. as it is being gently taken down from its pole. You and your family are submerged into the Military life. Everything around you is based off of Military time. The stores, people making plans, the restaurants, etc. There are Military police instead of regular police officers. You live around different rules. You are looked at to behave better and set an example. You're living the Military life. And it isn't for some people. Some people don't like that type of atmosphere, or the people. I for one, love it. It's different than what I was used to in my life before the Military. Sometimes change is a good thing.

What are some benefits that you know that come from living on a Military base?