Monday, July 28, 2014

4 In Uniform Rules Military Spouses Should Know


Military members are expected to behave as professional as possible, so that the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard can maintain a good image. When someone marry's into the military, there are things that they should know in order to help their spouse maintain their professional image.

1. PDA. In order for service members to maintain a professional look while in uniform, public displays of affection is frowned upon. This means no kissing, holding, hanging on each other and especially nothing too crazy like a make out session. A moderate amount of kissing and hugging will be accepted when appropriate, like at a homecoming. 

2. Leave Their Right Side Available. When walking with a service member, make sure to do so on their left side. Service members should leave their right side and arm available to salute at any time.

3. Holding Hands. Holding a service members hand while they are in uniform is not acceptable. Service members can escort someone with their left arm by someone holding on to that left elbow (remember that right arm has to be free).

4. Wearing Their Uniform. Service members may get in trouble if pictures of you or others wearing the uniform are seen. If fact, United States Code 10 makes it illegal for unauthorized persons to wear a military uniform. Many people also find it disrespectful.

Click Here to read the United States Code 10 that specify's wearing any part of a military uniform is illegal.