Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PCS Files: The Master PCS Binder

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It isn't new news that we are planning for our move to Germany. Not only is it a huge move, but it's going to be our first PCS ever. Go big or go home, right? I'm the type of person that plans and learns as much as I can before I do something or go somewhere that's unfamiliar to me. I first learned of PCS binders on Pinterest, but every binder I found was totally different. The binder I made is a combination of all binders I have found, with added information from doing research myself. I call it The Master PCS Binder.

Please note that my husband and I do not have any kids during this PCS move of ours. So I did not take the time to add items in the binder that you would need/want when you have children. We do have a small dog that we are taking with us, so there will be information for pets. I did use some ideas from PCS Binders that I found on Pinterest, adding my own touches, along with other detailed information, thus why I call it The Master PCS Binder, because it has all of the useful information, plus more!

Things You Will Need:
Sheet Protectors
Pens, Highlighters, etc.
Tab Insertable Dividers
Zipper Pouch For Binder
White Out (for mistakes/changes)
Binder Clips (to hold papers in sheet protectors, for added protection)

The binder will have several sections in it, which you can label with the tab insertable dividers. The sections are listed, and explained below. This binder was made for a move to Germany, but can easily be transformed for a move to somewhere else by switching out the Germany specific information to wherever it is you are headed to.

Front of Binder
(the front of binder: zipper pouch)
(the front of binder: PCS Checklist)
This section of the binder includes: 
Personal Records
(Personal Records Title Page)
This section of the binder includes: 
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage license/certificate
  • Social security cards
  • Passport copies
  • Most recent LES (Leave and Earnings Statement)
  • Insurance policies
  • Car title and picture of car
  • List of contact info for all companies you use (bank, insurance, phones, etc.)
  • Copies of Drivers licenses
  • Passport pictures of every family member
Housing & Housing Goods
(Housing & Housing Goods: Inventory Lists)
This section of the binder includes: 
  • New housing application
  • Old housing clearance
  • Bill termination notices & contract info
  • Packing list (click here to download)
  • Itemized list of boxes packed
  • Items loaded on moving truck
  • Inventory lists (click here to download)
  • Serial numbers for all big items (electronics, furniture, etc. on inventory list)
  • Take photos and videos with camera of items (take videos of things like your TV, to prove that it still turns on and works before the move)
  • Print out of Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)
  • Print out of Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (OCOLA).
Medical Documents
This section of the binder includes: 
  • Medical records
  • Tricare papers
  • Other health insurance papers
  • Dental record papers
  • EFMP screenings
  • Shot records
Orders & POA'S
This section of the binder includes: 
  • 20 copies of orders (every office you visit wants one)
  • Current POA's (Power of Attorney's)
  • Sponsor's info
Moving Info
(Moving Info: PCS Tips: Preparing For Your Movers)
This section of the binder includes: 
  • PCS tips: Preparing for your movers (click here to view)
  • Claims forms
  • Documents/forms from movers
  • Car info (how to register your car, tips on taking the drivers test, insurance info, etc.)
  • Addresses/phone numbers for hotels/stops along the way
  • Entitlement summary (how much weight can go in shipments), 
  • POV (personal vehicle shipment), 
  • Change of address list
Travel Documents
This section of the binder includes: 
  • Flight reservations and information
  • Leave forms.
This section of the binder includes: 
  • Information about bringing pets to another country (or state, wherever you may be moving)
  • Rabies vaccination certificate
  • Health certificate
  • Microchip information
  • Picture of pet(s)
  • Print out of shots given from vet
If you have any questions or suggestions, don't be afraid to speak up!

*This binder is under construction! If there is anything else I notice missing, it will get added at a later time*