Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm A Teen Mom Fan

Yep, you read that right. I'm a Teen Mom fan. I watched the original Teen Mom, but I really love Teen Mom 2 to be exact. It's my guilty pleasure, one of them anyway haha. 

So many people have plenty of negative things to say about it. They claim that it glamorizes pregnancy, making it seem like a fun and cool thing for teenagers to get themselves into. I completely disagree with that. I mean sure, they get paid for it (but so does every other person on a reality show) and they became "famous" because of it (again, so does every other reality show star). But if you actually watch the show, you can see that there isn't anything glamorous about it. Being irritable, getting hardly any sleep, struggling to still be young, friendships falling apart, relationships falling through, etc. Being a mom forced them to grow up, and it showed the viewers that because of this new responsibility, they lost friends because their friends still wanted to be young and not be around a crying baby all the time. Plus, with the new responsibility of being a mom, they didn't have time to always hang with friends like they did before. There's only one mom who kept a relationship with the father, and they are the couple from the original Teen Mom who put their kid up for adoption. Being a Teen Mom certainly isn't glamorous, now is it?

So why do I like Teen Mom? It was interesting to see how these young moms handled their new life. Sure, I thought that the babies were cute, and of course still do, but if anything it made me want to wait even longer to have kids. It showed me how hard it was being a young mom, and how much your life changes because of it. Sure, now I'm married and almost 22, and a kid isn't as scary of an idea as it used to be, but the past several years watching the show made me think more and more of how important it is to wait (at least for me). 

Watching the show throughout the years, I felt I have gotten to know these young moms (that's kind of the purpose of reality shows I think) and I love them all. 

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea gave birth to an adorable little girl, Aubree. She had the struggles of falling for a d*** of a guy who never treated her the way she deserved. Today, several years later, Chelsea has grown into a responsible, powerful young woman and an amazing mom to her little munchkin. She finished High School, and went onto become a Beautician. She has a house and a job to support her and her little one, and no longer is "under the spell" of her baby's father. She constantly deals with the unreliable dad hoping that Aubree never see's the bad side of him. She's an inspiring young Mom.

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle gave birth to Jace when she was young and dumb to say the least. She was too busy wanting to be young. She spent her time partying and sadly, getting hooked on drugs. It was sad watching her life on t.v. Today though, Jenelle has gotten her life together and fans are in awe of how much she has changed. She actually is a mother figure in her sons life now, and has another newly born son to add to her family. She has been in one of her healthiest relationships and looks like she is healthy as well. I'm proud to see that she's gotten her life on track and handles her responsibilities now. Sadly, there are women out there that are like the past her, the good thing is to see that she has changed and become a better person. She bettered herself for her son, and for her.

Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin: To be honest, Kailyn was not one of my favorite moms when the show started. As the years have gone by though, she is most definitely a favorite of mine. She gave birth to her son Isaac, and had a rocky, sad relationship with the father. She also had troubles with her own family and has come through a lot of hardships in her life. She is incredibly strong. Today, she has her life more together than ever before. She's married, to a loving husband. They own a house together and have a newborn son added to their family as well. She even wrote a book, Pride Over Pity, which I recently ordered and cannot wait to read. 

Leah Messer-Calvert: Leah tried to have her family together and struggled to not be a separated one. The baby daddy and her have gone through many struggles in their relationship, only to decide to divorce not long after getting married. This mom takes care of her twins Aliannah and Aleeah, along with her newly added daughter, Adalynn. Her new husband and her had Adalynn almost a year after being married. While watching her twins grow up, she discovered that Ali had muscular dystrophy, a very rare form of the disorder that has only ever been found in adults. She struggles to afford her daughters medical bills while they live through her condition not knowing what could happen next. She handles a highly stressful life and stays as strong as can be for her family. 

Look at how much they go through! These Mom's don't have a glamorous life. They've had to grow up fast and take on a lot of new responsibilities. They have all grown into wonderful young women though, striving to become the best moms that they can for their kiddos. 

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