Friday, September 19, 2014

Currently September

❥ In a ton of pain (toothache) and am patiently waiting for my Dental coverage to kick in so I can get my wisdom teeth taken out. Lucky me. My wisdom teeth are "impacting" my other teeth as the doctor said. Trust me, it hurts.

❥ Wishing I never had a bad reaction to my pain medicine that the doctor gave me for my teeth. I learned my lesson and now eat a gigantic meal before taking any.

❥ Addicted to Gossip Girl, watching it whenever I get the chance.

❥ Trying to figure out what to do as a surprise for the Husbands birthday. Any suggestions?

❥ Wishing I had a nice gaming computer so I could run to the store and buy Sims 4.

Finally had a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Thanks for the applause.

❥ Did I mention I'm in pain? 'Cause I am.

❥ Making a "While I'm Still In The U.S. Bucket List." Hopefully it all get's accomplished before our big move.

❥ Craving some really good Mexican food. No, Taco Bell doesn't count here.

❥ Looking forward to going to town to get my phone replaced, because everything of mine right now seems to be breaking.

❥ Loving Orajel for numbing my mouth so I don't feel as much pain.

❥ Reading Pride Over Pity, by Kailyn Lowry, from Teen Mom 2. 

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