Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Military Discounts

1. Disneyland
disneyland military tickets

Disneyland offers great Military discounts, about 40% I believe (it changes about twice a year). And if you know me at all, you know I go crazy for anything Disney. The discounts that Disney has for the theme parks and hotels are how we were able to afford going there for our honeymoon and anniversary. It really helps the trip be more affordable for Military families. They have discounts on theme park tickets, that are three day park hopper tickets. Three days is a perfect amount of time for Disneyland. On top of the park tickets, they also have discounts at their Disney hotels. My Hubs and I have stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, and the Grand Californian Hotel, both great. Other theme parks offer Military discounts as well, I'm just a big Disney fan.

2. Restaurants
dinner table

There are so many restaurants that give Military discounts. They don't advertise it though, just simply ask your waiter or waitress towards the end of the meal if they have a Military discount. Most the time it turns out they do, and 10% will be knocked off your bill. It's very rare that we go out to eat, ask for a Military discount, and get told they don't have one. 

3. Hotels
hotel military discount

Hotels have great Military discounts. Around 50% sometimes. You just have to search around or call and ask what they are. Sometimes you can find discounts from websites like trivago, priceline, etc. that give a higher discount, so know what the Military discount is and search around still to find out if you can get an even better deal. If you can't, the Military discounts are normally a nice percentage off the original price. 

4. Movies
movie military discount

Hubs and I go to the movies at least once a month. Those tickets can be kind of expensive sometimes, and you can get a discount on them to save a little bit. Some theaters only require one person to flash a Military I.D., but I'm noticing an increase in theaters requiring a Military I.D. for every discounted ticket. So I always make sure to bring my I.D. and not just rely on the husbands to get us the discount.

5. Department Stores
store military discount

Not all stores offer Military discounts, but again, it doesn't hurt to ask if they have one. In my experience, I tend to forget to ask. I have asked at Old Navy, Kohl's, and Oakley from what I remember asking, and they all have one. It's important to keep in mind though, that some stores are independently owned, or choose their own offers and discounts to people. So one Kohl's (for example) could have a Military discount, but that doesn't mean the one in a town a few hours away has one. Some managers might make an exception, but don't get your hopes up. There was a time my husband and I were shopping in Kohl's, asked for the discount and was told they don't have one. After ringing all our items up the manager was nice enough to give us her personal discount instead. Aren't people so nice?!

What store has your favorite Military Discount?