Monday, July 21, 2014

First Anniversary Celebration

It's official, the hubs and I have spent a whole year being married now! This isn't a reminiscing post (that will come later on), but a post about how we celebrated our first year as a married couple. If you know me well, you know just how obsessed with Disney I am. Disney movies, toys, apparel, theme parks, everything. We even went to Disneyland for our honeymoon and stayed in the Disneyland hotel. It was such a fun time for both of us. With the fact that we may not be able to go to a Disney park in a few years with our upcoming move (which yes I know, I haven't talked about yet, I'm waiting for it to be more official to blurt it out on here) we decided to go back to where our honeymoon memories were made for our anniversary! 

We started planning our adventure a couple months before we would leave. My Mom and my Step-Dad wished us a happy anniversary by helping us stay in the Grand Californian Hotel during our trip. I had stayed in this hotel once before when I was about 12 years old so it was exciting being able to go there again, and with the hubs by my side this time. Hubs was ecstatic about staying here, which he had really discovered during our last trip to Disneyland in October 2013 for my birthday. By the way, the bed was the comfiest thing I've ever slept on.

The first day we arrived was when we were the most excited. It was the first day we could ride the rides and adventure around in Disneyland! We got to the hotel, checked in, and got our anniversary buttons to wear around sporting our celebration. Then it was off to the park! We felt kind of old during our trip because we would get up early, head into the park then come back to the hotel to go swimming and relax because we would already be getting tired by noon! After swimming for a while we would head back into the park until dinner time. For dinner we would head into Downtown Disney where we ate at The ESPN Zone, The Rainforest Cafe, and Tortilla Jo's. After dinner we would get dessert and walk around browsing through the shops, then head to the hot tub to relax. Around 9:20 we would head up to our room for an awesome view of fireworks from our balcony!

This picture really does not  do the view justice. Those fireworks were right up in our faces! They were so huge and loud, it was truly spectacular. Our room was one of the few rooms in this hotel that could see a full view of the fireworks, and it was a lot closer than the view we had on our honeymoon when we stayed in the Disneyland Hotel. On our actual anniversary, July 13th, we ate the top of our wedding cake on our balcony while watching the fireworks. This was also when we opened the cards that we got each other. It was magical.

Remember when I said I would get those cute Minnie Mouse ears? Well it happened, I told you so! I grabbed those as soon as I entered the park haha. I didn't buy any of the other things on that Disney wishlist, but I'm sure in the future I will get some of them! I did see the blanket, pillow, and ornaments in the stores though when we were looking around. Notice that necklace I'm wearing? Hubs bought that for me when we were only dating, on our three month anniversary. 

Our last morning in the park we had breakfast in California Adventure, Starbucks of course! Delicious, as always. For the last day there we hit our favorites in California adventure, and then went to Disneyland after lunch. For some odd reason Monday was the most packed day, which was disappointing but we took advantage of all the shows and went on rides while most the people were distracted with those. We were actually in the park past dark this night, and the last ride we went on was Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was so much fun at night! We ran from Disneyland, through Downtown Disney, and to our hotel room to rush into our bathing suits so we could relax for the twenty minutes that the hot tub was still open for. After we changed back into comfy clothes, we headed out the private entrance of the Grand Californian back into Downtown Disney so we could grab some Wetzels Pretzels and Haagen Dazs. We headed back to our room with our snacks to watch some t.v. for our last night there.

The last day, before we left we spent the morning by the pool, went to lunch at ESPN Zone and then headed on our drive home. It was such a great trip!