Friday, September 26, 2014

Before The Move

Before we take our big leap to Germany, I would love it if we could stop at some of our favorite places to eat. Ya know, before we move so far away where these things aren't available anymore (cue the sobbing).

// Go to a special breakfast cafe in our home town.
There's a nice cafe that the husband and I used to go to all the time when we lived there. Any time we visited we would make sure to stop there for some breakfast as well. I even remember the first time I went there, when I was in elementary school my Dad took me there for breakfast, and that was when the addiction begun. I always got pancakes (of course), but as I got older I tried their biscuits and gravy. Oh gooooodnesssss. The best biscuits and gravy I have ever had. Served with a side of country potatoes of course. Carb overload. 

// Go to my favorite Mexican food restaurant in our home town.
This place has been a go to restaurant since I was little as well. If I was asked where I wanted to go out to eat, (and if I didn't pick Olive Garden) it was here. If you like Mexican food at all, you should love this place. All authentic and freaking delicious. I never grew old of eating here, and I'm sure I never will. Whenever I'm home I have to make sure and stop here for a meal.

// Husbands food addictions.
I've said my important ones, but my husband has even more places he wants to eat at one last time before we head off on our move. I'm not taking the time to list it out, it may take up the entire blog haha.

Now I've said the food list, but of course there's several other things I want or need to do before we leave this place for good.

// Buy winter clothes.
I've lived my entire life in California. Granted, it was a part of California that had plenty of trees and was a short drive away from mountains. Yes people, not all of California is the beach, surfers, and hippies. Our summers were still really hot, but we had swimming holes galore for that time of the year. The winter was full of rain, thunder storms and cloudy days. Every few years we would get a tiny bit of snow if it got crazy enough. But the winters weren't as bad as what they will be when we go to Germany. And the so called summers in Germany are a piece of cake compared to what I am used to. Anyway, long story short, I have a lot of summer clothes and not so many winter clothes...
It's really not hard to dream up some winter clothes when summer is coming to an end.

// See my Mom.
Duh. I have to see my Mom before I move over 7,000 miles away. There's just no way I would move anywhere without seeing her before I go. It's going to be interesting staying in contact with an even bigger timezone between us than what we have now.

// See my other family members.
Duh, again. I'm going to try and see as many family members as it is possible before we leave. Gotta say our goodbyes.

// Sell a lot of my clothes before having to pack.
I can't remember the last time I went through all of my clothes and got rid of a bunch of them. But now is the time to do so before a big move. Hey, the more clothes I get rid of just means there's more clothes for me to buy and replace them. ;)

// Buy rugs for our German house.
I've heard they're crazy expensive over there, and German houses mainly have wood and tile flooring. So, if we want any rugs whatsoever, now is the time to buy them. Better to be safe than sorry! If anything we could get over them, realize we don't really need them, and then sell them for less than what German shops sell them. Score, score.