Monday, September 29, 2014

8 Things I've Learned From Living With A Guy

My husband and I have been living with each other for over a year now. In this time, we have grown more comfortable around each other and have learned more about each other. Living with a guy has taught me some interesting things in this year so far. Here's a few of the things I've discovered.

1 // Guys can't aim. Yeah, you'd think after years and years of peeing in a toilet that they would learn how to get it all actually in the toilet. But no, it's half in and half out of it. Thankfully I use this as an excuse for him to be the one to clean the toilet every time haha.

2 // Speaking of toilets... That toilet seat will be left up. This didn't even start happening to me until we had been living together for at least 6 months. Then suddenly he forgot that girls sit when they pee. All I do is walk into the bathroom, notice the seat up, and yell for him and make him put it back down. It's not my job to put it down haha. Thankfully we both agree on which way to put the toilet paper.

3 // Girls don't hog the bed, guys do. You always see those comics of the guy and girl cuddling in bed, and it's adorable...then a few hours later it shows the girl all spread out sleeping great and the guy is struggling to even stay on his few inches of the bed. So not true. We got a king size bed exactly for this reason. Now when he sleeps in the middle of the bed I have a little more room than I did on the Queen bed we had haha.

4 // Farting happens more than you think. Of course us girls always think guy's fart more than us, laughing as they do it. I had no idea just how much this happened. Every day, multiple times a day. The best way to handle it? Just laugh about it. It's normal, it happens. And cover your nose, I can not stress that enough. Cover your nose or run away. If he chases after you to make you be around his stench, I feel bad for you...

5 // There's nothing like falling asleep and waking up next to him. Being able to fall asleep and wake up next to the man you love is a great feeling. It's a comforting, safe feeling to do this. It makes the nights of sleeping along kind of sad (besides having the bed all to yourself).

6 // Sandwiches. You can never go wrong with sandwiches. Never mind cooking a lavish meal that takes hours of prepping and cooking. Just make him something that involves slapping a couple pieces of bread, meat and cheese together and he will be one happy camper. I will never understand his love for sandwiches and how he never gets sick of them.

7 // Guys rarely clean. I start off by simply asking if he will do something, like empty the dishwasher for me. He says he will, but before I know it it's 7pm and I'm reminding him that I asked him earlier. He says "yeah I know, I said I'll do it." Most the time it comes back around on me two days later and I end up doing it. You would think that him being a Military man they would have burned it into his brain to stay clean and organized like when they were in basic. Nope, didn't stick with this man. 

8 // Discovering a deeper friendship. One great thing that happened since we moved in with each other is how much more we have gotten to know each other. They always say you really don't know someone until you live with them. Of course before we were married he semi lived with me whenever he got time to visit away from Army life, but it was only for 4 days to two weeks every month. Now we are with each other most days out of the month. I'm thankful that it was a good change for both of us, living together has brought us closer together.

What are some things you've learned form living with a man?