Thursday, January 7, 2016

Munich, Germany

If you've heard of Germany, you've heard of Munich. Or as the Germans call it, Munchen. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and also the largest city in the state as well. It's the biggest, city like town that I have been to in Germany. It's population has more than one and a half million people. To be honest, I got so used to the small country like towns in Germany that I didn't venture out much when it came to Munich. I tended to enjoy the smaller towns more. Munich is definitely not one of those, and is full of historic and modern buildings. The airport here is the one we used every time we flew somewhere, though.
The town was approximately founded in 1158, which is the earliest mention found in any documents of Munich. Most of the beautiful, historic buildings were built by Bavaria's most known kings. King Ludwig the first brought art to the city making it a big attraction for tourists and artists. He also was responsible for many of the grand buildings and neighborhoods there. King Ludwig the second, who should sound familiar if you've read my blog before, is most known for his fairytale castles. He did not spend as much time with the cities as the kings before him, and focused primarily on the castles that he is known for today. Ludwig the third and his family fled the city during the hard times of World War I.

In 1923, Hitler held an attempt to overthrow the government and take power himself. This time Hitler failed and was arrested which put a damper on the Nazi's. They did overpower in 1933 though, and this is when they created the first concentration camp, Dachau, 10 miles from Munich (I personally visited Dachau, and you can read about that visit here, along with a view of what the camp looks like today). During World War II, the city was greatly destroyed by bombs, but was rebuilt by 1945. 

Now the plus side of Munich being a big city, is the food. There's practically everything. And if you were like me and missed some classic American food while there then Munich had just that. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe there countless times (and yes, of course I got my shot glass there).

The city of Munich is also home to the famous Hofbrauhaus. The Hofbrauhaus is a multi floor beer house from the 16th century. If you want a classic Bavarian experience, then go here. The decorations, beer, drinking, live bands and people will give you all the experience you need. Don't expect to be seated right away, either. The Hofbrauhaus is known well and everyone goes there.

This list really could go on forever. See as much as you can in this historic town. There's plenty of shopping, festivals, and restaurants. Of course you cannot forget about the worlds largest Oktoberfest either, which is held in Munich. This I'll have to dedicate it's own post to though, of course.

Munich is so rich with history and sightseeing. Don't pass up the opportunity to go here, and don't you dare skip the Hofbrauhaus or the famous Oktoberfest!