Monday, March 21, 2016

Second Anniversary Pt.1: Edelweiss Resort, Germany

It was most definitely a benefit that we were able to spend our anniversary while we were in Germany. If you didn't know, the Army owns a resort in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria called the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort! This beautiful resort is open to U.S. Military, and more. It's located right next to the Bavarian Alps giving a spectacular view to visitors. And if you haven't guessed by now, yes, this is where we stayed for our anniversary!

We loved the opportunity to stay at Edelweiss. Like other Military owned places to stay, they rate their rooms by the Military members rank, which makes it greatly affordable for many. They often have deals going on but book up fast, too. We stayed in July (over our anniversary, duh) when the weather was perfect and the colors all around us were vivid. Our room had a small balcony with some chairs that we sat on every day to stare at the gorgeous view that we had.

(Our view from our room)

(Hotel lobby & view from hotel)

The resort also had many trips that you could book through them every day. It made it so much easier to see things near by because they took care of the tickets, transportation, etc. The first thing that we did was head to Austria (which is very close to this resort). We hiked up to first climb and explore through a castle that was built in 1293, called the Ehrenberg Castle. The views from the castle were amazing. We were lucky that it was such a nice day the day we went on this adventure.

(The Ehrenberg Castle, 1293)

Next to the Ehrenberg Castle is the worlds longest pedestrian suspension bridge (say that ten times fast). This thing was crazy! We walked the whole thing to the other side and back though. It was definitely scary, but I'm so glad that I did it. Not many people can say they have done it, after all! The bridge opened in November of 2014, stretches 403 Meters long (about 1322 ft), and is 110 Meters high (about 361 ft).

(Ticket to cross the bridge)

(The look down on the bridge)

(Highline 179 & the Ehrenberg Castle)

(Taken from the other side of the bridge after crossing it once)

Part two of our Anniversary trip will be posted later, stay tuned!