Sunday, August 7, 2016

Second Anniversary Pt. 2: Partnach Gorge & Olympic Stadium

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Another gorgeous experience we had was going to the Partnach Gorge in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It was a long wet walk through the gorge but a beautiful one. The colors of the water were unbelievable and it was nice and cool walking through the area. Nature is such a beautiful thing and seeing something like this really makes you realize just how awe-inspiring it is.

 Inside the gorge

 The gorge walls

Beautiful colored water

 And here is the beautiful end result of the walk through the gorge

The final opening after the gorge walk was breathtaking. It all opened up and the colors of everything around us was magical.

Not far from this famous gorge is another famous part of history. Now before I tell you what this piece of history is, you have to know the story behind it and the town that its in. The town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen was originally two separate towns, Garmisch, and Partenkirchen. To this day they even consider themselves to be separate towns even though they are legally combined.

So why were they forced to become one town? Well in 1935, Adolf Hitler was determined to have the Olympics in this town. He thought of it as the perfect representation of Germany with its charming feel and gorgeous scenery. But, his idea was turned down to host the Olympics because the town was simply too small to host such a thing. Hitler then decided to fix this issue of his by forcing the mayors of the two towns to combine into one big town. After this, the Winter Olympics of 1936 were held here just as Hitler wanted. The two towns were never happy about being forced together and still are bitter about it to this day. They still consider themselves as two separate towns even if it legally isn't so. Now this Winter Olympics stadium that Hitler had built still stands there today. And, its just a short walk away from the gorge pictured above. And yes, of course we stopped there!

Here are parts of the stadium building itself.

The inside of the stadium with the seating on the left and the slopes (without snow since we went in July) on the right!

I have always been fascinated with learning about World War II and the history behind all of it. So being in a town like this that had such rich history of things related to that time period was amazing for me. This town with the Alps, its resort, and all the lovely and exciting things in between is an amazing place to visit! It made for one eventful trip of ours!