Hello there! My name is Brook & this is me.

Growing up, I've been through a lot. I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder at five years old, and I lost my Dad when I was 15 years old. You can read about those experiences here:
Almost An Early End
Losing My Dad
Losing My Dad Part 2
Losing My Dad Part 3
As you can tell from plenty of my posts, I used to be a Military spouse. The Military lifestyle allowed me to explore so much more of the world we live in. There's plenty of traveling posts that I have posted and still plan to post, so you're more than welcome to travel the world along with me!

As a Military spouse, I realized really how hard it was finding information, so I took it upon myself to provide as much advice and information as I could offer about it. From opinions of certain Military discounts, to some funny things only Military families can relate to, and everything in between.

Unfortunately, divorce is something that comes along with Military lifestyle. It's a very common thing with Military members. I never thought that I'd be a part of that statistic but I am. So my plan now is to give as much advice from my experience of this in hopes that this too can help someone else out there who is or has gone through the same thing.