Monday, November 24, 2014

PCS Files: Taking The Pet Pt.2

If you haven't already, go ahead and jump over to my first post about PCS'ing with a pet. In that post I talked about doing research, a little about flying with a pet, and the visits to the vet that you need to do. In part two, I will be talking about mainly reserving your pets spot on the plane.

So, you finally have your plane tickets, huh? Congratulations! You're one step closer to getting the h*#$ out of Dodge! Now I hope that you just got those plane tickets. Because what you need to do now has to be done as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. So get your booty on Google. Look up whatever airline you are flying with, and check to see what their pet policy is. Below I have links to some airlines, and their pet policies for your convenience. You can thank me later, haha.

Alaska Airlines: Traveling With Pets

American Airlines: Traveling With Pets

Patriot Express: Information

Southwest Airlines: Pet Policy, Pet FAQ's

United Airlines: Traveling With Pets

Whichever way you are having your pet fly (in cabin, or in cargo), you are going to have to buy a pet carrier. Be careful with this one. The carrier requirements are different for flying in the cabin than they are in cargo, and each airline's requirements may be different too. So do your research and get the right kind for your dog/cat (I say dog/cat because from my knowledge, airlines only ship those two types of animals. I could be wrong, don't take my word for it).

Once you have your plane tickets, call the airlines you are flying with. I cannot stress this enough, call them ASAP. You need to talk with the airlines and tell them you want to reserve a spot for your pet. You need to especially do this if you are taking your pet in the cabin with you. Airlines normally have way less space for in cabin pets than they do in the cargo area. There will be a fee for taking along your pet, and they will tell you what the fee is along with other requirements. Have questions? Now is your time to ask them while you have them on the line. Reserve your pets spot, pay the fee (or get told what the fee will be that you will pay at the airport when you arrive) and then feel a little bit more stress lift off your shoulders.

While the days get closer and closer to your flying date, keep calling the airlines to make sure that your spot is still available. You don't want to arrive and then be told that the one person you talked to didn't reserve the spot and you're basically screwed. It never hurts to keep calling just to be safe.

**Stay tuned for PCS Files: Taking The Pet Part 3! The final post on taking your pet with you, getting the health certificate!**