Friday, November 21, 2014

Meet Whiskey

Do you love animals? I sure do. Quite honestly, if you don't love them, I'm not so sure we would get along. Animals have been in my life for as long as I can remember. They're a part of my childhood memories, and all throughout my life growing up. Even now I have a fur ball that lights up my day. Would you like to meet her?

Hi there everyone, I'm Whiskey!
I was born waaaay back in 2006. It seems like such a long time ago! I'm actually seven years old, but I turn eight this month so I might as well get used to calling myself an eight year old now, right? I met my owners when they came to see me along with all my brothers and sisters. I was so excited that someone was visiting us, but even more excited when I figured out that they were picking me to take home! I remember being so tuckered out after all the excitement of being picked that I slept on one of their laps the whole ride home! I was just a baby then, and I've spent from there on out with them, my family.

I'm a very nice doggy. I only bark when I know someone is at the door, that way my owner knows that someone is here, too. Sometimes I bark when I play, and I growl then too. But I know when it's time to play and when it isn't. My owners let me know if I play bite them too hard, and I make sure to bite lighter while we keep playing. I love toys that make a squeak noise when I bite them! But I'm just as easily entertained with a hand under a blanket.

I sleep at the end of my owners bed, but once one of them leaves I scoot up next to the other one for some cuddle time, I love to cuddle! I know when someone says "walk" or "ride" it means I get to go somewhere with them, and get super excited I cannot even stand still! One thing I don't like though, is bath time. I try to be good though and stay still until it is all over. At least I get a treat when it's all done.

As I grew up I was taught to go potty outside, and I know how to let my owners know when I have to go by running to the door and nudging the blinds with my nose, or kicking the door stopper then running back to them to see if they heard the noise I just made. I've also been taught plenty of ticks, too! I can sit, stand, walk on my two back legs, stay, high five, shake, and more!

I'm super tired from all of this talking, I'm going to go take a nap, hope I don't snore this time!


Isn't she adorable? I've been super attached to her for as long as I can remember. She helps keep me company when the husband is gone, and gives him plenty of attention when he gets home. 
Do you have a pet? Tell me all about them!