Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Had A Birthday

Yep. It's that time of year again. My favorite time where leaves fall, pumpkin smells are coming from everywhere, and I turn another year older. I'm finally 22 and can listen to Taylor Swifts song and say it's totally about me while I dance around and sing along. So, I bet you're wondering about my celebration and my day and whatnot, right? I knew it.

It started with me waking up at like five in the morning (a time that isn't even known of in my world) being too excited for my day to sleep any longer than seven and a half hours. Yeah, that means I couldn't wait any longer for my birthday so I went to bed early the night before, too. The Husband was at PT and the house was dark and quiet. I decided I'd start my day with a relaxing bath, and then a cleansing shower. I'd get some waffles going in the toaster and some coffee brewing after I jumped into some comfortable clothes.

Finally the Husband was home and I stared at him until he wished me a happy birthday. We talked and I handed him my cup to refill with coffee and he just looked at me until I said "It's my birthday, you have to get me coffee" which was an excuse I made that entire day for just about everything.

Of course, being involved with Military life meant my Husband had to leave me for the day. I spent the rest of the morning getting ready, while watching Gilmore Girls. I wasted time until noon came around because that was when the time came to open presents over Skype that my Mom and step dad got me. I texted her threatening that if she wasn't on in five minutes then I couldn't wait and the presents would start to get opened without her watching. Four minutes went by and she was on my computer screen watching me tear open my gifts. The Husband went back to work once I was done opening them, and the waiting game took place again.

Here's a few presents I got for my birthday:
Suddenly he was home two hours early (thanks to someone who gave him a little extra time to spend with me on my birthday) and we were off to town to celebrate. The extra hours gave us time to go over a town further than planned where there are more things to do and places to go. We walked around Target and stepped into Ross because who doesn't love Target and finding something cheaper than it is at other stores? We ate dinner at Olive Garden and I got my fix for their alfredo sauce, breadsticks, and zuppa toscana. Yum! I also enjoyed a tasty glass of wine with dinner. Honestly, it just made me want it more and now I'm going to have to make my Husband go there again the next time we go to town! haha. We followed that up with a delicious desert and my cheeks getting red and hot from the staff singing me a birthday song.