Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Well everyone, it's officially the day after Thanksgiving. The day everyone goes crazy buying things. I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving and didn't stuff yourselves too much! 

I had a question for you all today. How do you feel when stores open up for their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day? Do you think that it's okay, or wrong? Why do you think that way? Do you go out and shop during Thanksgiving day, or do you wait until the clock strikes midnight like you used to have to do?

Here's my answer to all of that.
I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I think that it's Black Friday. Not Black Thursday/Friday. There's a full twenty four hours of shopping time on Friday. That's plenty of time to go crazy buying things from plenty of stores. When the stores started opening up on Thanksgiving day, it was 11pm, then before we knew it, it was 8pm. To me, that wasn't too bad. At least they had waited for dinner to be over with. 

But now, I know of stores opening for their Black "Friday" sales at 4pm on Thanksgiving day! That's going too far, in my opinion. First off, there are a lot of people that will be working those shifts. So, they will have to either schedule an earlier Thanksgiving celebration, or just miss out on the celebration all together. Second, what about the people that want to shop and get the good deals that are happening? They either miss the deals, or they go to the store at 4pm forcing the rest of their family to have an earlier Thanksgiving dinner as well. If you can even call it dinner by then...

If every year is just going to get worse and worse (like it has been happening), will there even be a Thanksgiving day left to celebrate? Before we know it stores will be opening up for their sales before noon. What happens to Thanksgiving day then?