Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cold Weather Shopping

We are real close to moving to a whole other Country now! What comes with that though, is cold weather. Way colder than what we are used to living in the desert. I cannot remember the last time I stayed more than a couple hours somewhere that was snowing, and it will be snowing a lot where we are headed off to.

The bad thing about moving from warm to cold weather (besides trying to adjust to the weather changes) is needing almost a whole different wardrobe! Shorts, a tank top and flip flops can no longer be my go to outfit. Unless I want to freeze my butt off.

I've been in the search of new jackets, coats, pants, and other cold weather clothing and accessories and it can be really hard to find some good ones! I've managed to find some items but I'll have to continue shopping once we move and I can see if what I have is enough. I'm sure I can manage to find an excuse to do more shopping!

One cute cold weather item I've come across is a jacket from Take a look at it for yourself!

I love the design of this and it keeps me warm, too! One thing I really like about it is that there are pockets on each side. Pockets are a big seller in my book. If you like this jacket or are interested in any other things eShakti has to offer, head to their website and check out all of the different items they have! The cool thing is that they custom make their clothing just for you. Every item will fit you perfectly!