Monday, September 1, 2014

Shop 'Til Ya Drop

*I received the following shirt in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

I am a huge fan of shopping. Whenever I get the chance, I shop 'til I drop. When I lived back home I used to go to the mall all the time. It was probably a five minute drive from my house, and a three minute drive from my school. I loved the stores there. Now that I live on a Military base, going to a mall whenever I please is out of the question.

The base I live on is 40 minutes from the closest town. And there isn't any shopping in that town, so you have to go to the next town to go to a good mall. When we first moved here I really liked that mall. There's a different variety of stores than I am used to, along with some that I was familiar with. It didn't take me long to realize though, that the stores that I did like, sucked. Like JC Penny's, for example. I'm a huge fan of that store! I love shopping for cute shirts and comfortable jeans there. I mean, they have everything. The one here though, is a disaster. The store is hardly organized. You have to go through racks of different types of clothes, with different sizes, different styles. It's like going through a yard sale rack that got hit by a tornado.

So when eShakti contacted me about their company, I was thrilled to learn what they had to offer! They have tons of adorable clothing items, and patterns available to choose from. I had a very hard time trying to choose an item. I had to get an opinion from several people before I could finally narrow it down to just one item. eShakti asks you for your height, measurements, and style and then creates something just for you! No more finding something cute just to try it on to find out it doesn't fit you right. Everything from this shop should fit perfectly!

eShakti  customizes clothing just for you, so you can have a perfect outfit.

Since it was my first time with a shopping experience like this, I did my best but I certainly learned from my experience. I wanted the shirt I ordered to be comfortable, so I exaggerated on the measurements some just to be safe. I should have trusted the company and just given exactly what my measurements are. This was entirely my fault, but learn from my experience, and just trust the company you are ordering from! I just unbuttoned the top two buttons and rolled up the sleeves some and now I feel better about the way it looks on myself.

The only thing I found a little strange when inspecting the shirt, was the length. When ordering the shirt you have the choice of how long sleeves are, and the length that the shirt goes down (to your hips, below hips, etc). The shirt I received seems to have three different lengths. The front length was how I ordered and expected it to be. The sides of the shirt went up high (just above my shorts) and then the back of the shirt went down but not as far as the front. The tie that came with the shirt was incredibly long as well.

The material the shirt is made from is extremely comfortable to wear. It's always upsetting getting a shirt that is stiff and doesn't move well with your body. This shirt is soft, stretches, and moves great with my body. The material is thick, so it could be used when it get's a little colder out as well.

I wouldn't hesitate to order more clothing from eShakti. If you do, just make sure to put your exact measurements in, they will do everything else to make sure what you're ordering fits you like a glove. They are also extremely nice when in contact with you. This was an interesting and fun shopping experience for me, and I'm sure will be for you too!

If you would like to shop at eShakti, please use the promotion code "SunflowersPlusLove" to receive 10% off your order between September 1st, to October 1st, 2014.

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