Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dreaming Of A Getaway

I've been dreaming of going on a mini vacation lately. Like a weekend getaway. I know we just had our anniversary trip to Disneyland and stayed in the wonderful Grand Californian Hotel just last month. I am still sitting here craving just a simple relaxing getaway with the husband. If we could, and if we did, this is what I would hope the getaway would involve.

I would hope that we would stay in a beautiful, comfortable hotel room. One with a nice big, comfortable bed. I like calm colors, so the room should have light blues, greens, and white. On the bed there wouldn't be two pillows, more like six. Three for each of us (or more likely two for him and four for me). It would be nice if the room had a balcony, with a beautiful view. A Jacuzzi tub would be a must as well!

It would be close to a shopping district with a wide variety of nice restaurants. That way we could browse shops and have a nice bite to eat, or a romantic dinner together. The restaurants would have great food and even better service. The stores would be reasonably priced and have great sales that happen to be going on.

The hotel we stay at would have an amazing spa with reasonably priced items, like massages, pedicures, and facials. We would get a couples massage to relax. The massage would be so great we would feel like we all our worries and tension would disappear. 

When we would decide to spend some time in the hotel pool, there wouldn't be a lot of people swimming. There wouldn't be any kids splashing, screaming and running around. We would be able to enjoy it practically to ourselves. Swimming, relaxing, and soaking up the sun.

We would order food and drinks to consume by the pool. Room service would be available at all hours, for whenever we felt like having something delicious. 

The getaway would be a relaxing trip that we would always remember. We would come home happy, and calm, with great memories. It would be a trip that would be talked about for a long time after. And one that we would look forward to taking again.

What's your ideal trip?
Have you been dreaming of a getaway lately?

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