Friday, August 22, 2014

The NEWS Is In...

For a while now, the husband (I've been told he doesn't like me saying 'hubs' on my blog, and would rather be called husband haha) and I have been playing the waiting game with the Army. A few of you may have noticed some subtle hints in previous posts about me having news and a big change in our future. And before you get too excited and start picturing a little baby living with us soon, I'm not pregnant. The news is that my husband got his orders! And...



It's official! In a few months we will be living in Germany. Having the chance to explore around and even live in Europe is like a dream come true to me. When I was 15 years old, I got the chance to travel abroad throughout Europe through an Ambassador's program. The night before I was to leave, I had a going away party. It was a ton of fun, but in that night I ended up breaking and dislocating my knee. I could have still gone on the trip, but I would have needed someone with me at all times to give me medical attention. On top of that, I would be limited to things because I would not be able to walk much (it would be more like a strange limp and then sitting back in a wheelchair). I decided that I should just stay and let my leg heal.

I have never forgotten that I was so close to going on my dream vacation. The fact that I get a second chance at going there is amazing. The fact that I get to live there, makes me speechless. If there were ever a time, now would be it. We are still a young couple, without children. And we will be moving there at the Military's expense, which is a plus. I don't think we would ever be able to travel there on our own. That's a plus right there for being in a Military family. The traveling.

I've had many reactions to this news, ever since we were told it was a likely possibility. I have cried, become angry, panicked, understood, and now I appreciate and am looking forward to what is ahead in our lives in another country. I'm thankful for this wonderful opportunity. I try to look past the things that will be hard (like being away from family, possibly having a child away from family, being away from friends, being in a foreign land, etc) and focus on the good things.

I've started teaching myself German, and look forward to learning more than the little that I do know. Ich bin eine Frau, (I am a woman) brot, (bread) and wasser, (water) aren't the only things that I should know, haha! This is a great opportunity and I'm excited to start exploring where my ancestors came from.

Have you ever been to a different country?
Do you know any other languages?

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