Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why I Deleted Facebook

EVERYONE seems to have a Facebook these days. Heck, even my grandparents do. And they always complained about the site before they even had one. They obviously gave in though. Along with just about everyone else in the world. Go ahead, ask the people around you if they have a Facebook, I can pretty much guarantee that they can say they have one. When I get asked if I have one, and I simply say that I don't I swear I get the strangest looks. You don't have a Facebook?! Why?! Well, readers, there are many reasons that I no longer have a Facebook. 

Come on, you knew this one was coming so I figured I'd start right off with it. There's always someone who just has to put their two cents in where it really isn't needed. Someone says something that offends another person, and BAM a fight breaks out online. It's all over Facebook, you really can't deny this one guys, sorry.

You know those bullies online that like to hide behind their computer because they're too chicken s*** to actually do something? Yeah, we have all had our fair share of witnessing a cyber bully. They're absolutely horrible. And guess what, they're all over Facebook. Sure, once they do something mean you could always block them or whatever. But the damage has already started. They've already said something to upset or hurt you to make you block them in the first place. I could write forever about bullies, let's just end on the fact that they're horrible, okay? 

The Likes
When I left Facebook, one thing that really annoyed me was seeing just about everything that your friends "liked" through Facebook. All of the comics, the memes, those pictures of people that they are friends with but you aren't. Why would I want to see pictures that my friend like of someone that I don't even know? I don't. Facebook suddenly went from your news feed being just about only things your friends posted, to being full of online pictures like Bad Luck Brain just because your friend liked it on some comedy page. Seriously, I had to scroll SO MUCH just to see the stuff that I actually cared about seeing, AKA the stuff my friend's actually posted.

Where's My Real Friends At?
After deleting my Facebook, I realized who actually did care to see what was going on in my life. Instead of going online and scrolling through news feeds, people actually had to call or text me to see what was happening in my life. That's crazy right?! It's so much nicer when someone actually asks you about your life instead of cyber stalking you. How about people actually talk to each other instead of reading it and moving on to the next person to hear what's going on.

I deleted my Facebook almost two years ago. Guess what? I'm still alive. It is possible to not be sucked in to social media and live on with life, I promise. Sure I have my blog, but that's for me. Don't even try to relate my blog to Facebook, because it's certainly not the same kind of thing. 

Do you think Facebook has become too much lately?
Have you ever thought about deleting any of your Social Media Accounts?