Thursday, June 5, 2014

30 Disneyland Tips & Facts

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1. Before 2013, Cast Members used to let you slide on the Fast Pass return time. I'm guessing too many people used to take advantage of them and would return with their fast pass whenever they pleased. This obviously wouldn't help control the number of people on the rides, so now they enforce the times. If you run over and you're a little late on the time I'm sure they will be nice and let you in, just don't take advantage of it.

2. If you're celebrating a birthday, just married, or another celebration, don't forget to stop by guest services and tell them so they give you a button. Wearing the button around the park brings more attention and could give you special treatment by cast members. (EX. I've gone on my birthday, and our honeymoon, we have skipped lines on rides, been taken on private tours, and given free deserts.)

3. If you stay in a Disneyland hotel, you get the benefit of the "Extra Magic Hour." Which means you are able to flash your hotel room key and get into the parks an hour earlier than everyone else!

4. If you are in the Military and want to go on a Disney trip, you're in luck! Disney hotels and parks offer generous Military discounts. Click Here to learn about their Military benefits. You can also call their Military only phone number, 1(714) 520-7088. Military personnel may call this number to check hotel offer availability and make room reservations.

5. I cringe sharing this little tip, because I love using it! Most people start their day in Disneyland by going around the park form left to right, so to avoid most the crowds, go right to left around the park!

6. They DO sell alcohol in Disneyland. But, it's only in the exclusive club 33. You bet you're lucky or/and extremely rich if you can get into this famous club.

7. If you are celebrating something, shout it to the world! Making restaurant reservations, say what you are celebrating, and bring it up in conversations with cast members. The more it's noticed, the more special treatment you get!

8. There's no way to tell how wet you will get on the Grizzly River Run, but it will happen. Store your electronics in zip lock bags just to be safe.

9. If you ask at restaurants, you can get a free cup of water. My husband and I bring camelbak filtered water bottles so we get better water to drink.

10. Despite the rule of no outside food in the park, you are aloud to bring snacks and such. Just don't take it as far as pulling out a loaf of bread with sandwich makings, that's not aloud. Oh, and no glass aloud either.

11. You will see Photo Pass cast members that will take photos for you, hand you a card and explain that you can buy the photos online. Or, you could politely ask them to use your camera and they will.

12. While around the Haunted Mansion, ask a cast member to escort you to a hidden pet cemetery, that's the only way you'll be able to take a peek at it!

13. If you don't mind missing the fireworks, it's the perfect time to hop on rides that usually have huge lines. 

14. While waiting at the monorail station, try getting a cast member's attention and asking if you can ride in the front with the driver. Try and ask as soon as you can though, before anyone else does!

15. At the end of the Monster's Inc. ride in California Adventure stands Roz, the slug. Pay close attention to her because she interacts with you!

16. If staying at the Grand Californian Hotel, you are a lucky one with a private entrance into Disney's California Adventure park. This is a nice feature, being able to easily slip in and out of the park for a nap, shower, or a quick change after getting soaked on the Grizzly River Run.

17. Paradise Pier used to have a private entrance as well. Sadly, this entrance disappeared in 2004. Now guests staying at the Paradise Pier must walk around the park to the front gate entrance.

18. There is a hotel room located above the Pirate's of the Caribbean ride for contest winners.

19. Make sure and count the number of Jack Sparrows on the Pirate's of the Caribbean ride. There should be only 3, but if you count 4, you have seen Johnny Depp himself! He likes to dress up and hide on the ride when he is visiting the park.

20. Take a VIP ride on the Lilly Belle car. It's Walt's tribute to his wife. In order to reserve a special seat on this ride, go towards Main Street station when entering the park. Find a conductor and ask if the Lilly Belle is running, and if your group can take a ride.

21. Bring a backpack to the parks. It's easier to carry than a purse or something, seriously. You can fit your water bottlessouvenirs, snacks, etc in them. Just make sure they aren't too packed so they can fit on the ride, too!

22. Plan ahead by looking at Disneyland's Calender for fireworks show times.

23. Visit one land at a time, instead of running across the park to go on a certain ride at a time. That way you are less worn out at the end of the day.

24. Stay at a good hotel that has breakfast. It can save you a lot of money and it's one less meal you have to worry about.

25. If you get the park hopper tickets, don't go to both parks in one day. That's just an easy way to get worn out fast. We like getting the 3 day park hopper pass, going to Disneyland the first day, California Adventure the second, and then most likely Disneyland again for the third day to hit some classics and things we missed the first day.

26. If you're going to be using your phone a lot during your day in the parks, there isn't a place where you can charge it. So if you own a portable charger, it's the time to take it with you.

27. After riding the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland, walk up to a cast member and ask for a souvenir map of the ride!

28. If you like watching the shows like Fantasmic and World of Color, go to the latest showings of them, there will be less people.

29. If you're into trading pins, you should know that there are fake pins out there. Click here to watch a video about how to spot the fake ones from the real ones. 

30. If you're planning your Disney trip ahead of time, you can shop on their online website and view discounted and on sale items at