Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend was most definitely an eventful one. We were originally planning on staying home, relaxing, and waiting until next weekend (this upcoming weekend) to do something since it was a four-day weekend. Then my husband decided that we should take our dog to the groomers. I had been trying to talk him into it. It's just hard taking her like an hour away, paying $50, and only being able to stuff in town in the two hours that she is getting groomed. We tried our hardest though.

But before I get into the details of going to town.... Lately I had been seeing this post on Bookoo (a website like Craigslist) of a King size bedroom set. I've been majorly dreaming of having a king sized bed for months now. Not just because it's fun to have a big bed. Hubs and I both sleep like crazy people. We both move around, and like to sleep with one leg bent up like we are taking a step up a very steep stair. I cannot tell you how many times I have been kneed in the back by him and woke up because of it. It really does not make me a happy wife when I wake up with back pain because I got beat up in my sleep haha. I always had to nudge him and make him scoot over on the bed so I could get comfortable just to fall asleep. Anyway, I had contacted the owners of the set and talked the price down $100. I love negotiating things in order to pay less. I'm pretty good at it too. We just wanted to come look at it first before we decided to spend a few hundred dollars.We went over and looked at their bedroom around 1 in the afternoon. They were really nice and kept their house and items clean. Owners taking good care of their furniture and belongings definitely say something about them. I was only going to buy it if we liked how it looked in person, and if it was in good quality. We told them we would talk about it and get back to them later today.

About an hour went by before they got a text from me saying we wanted it, and we wanted it now! We gathered up a few friendly hands, took everything apart, moved it a few blocks down to our place, set it up, and BAM new bedroom set!

We were running late and had to hurry to town, just to be ten minutes late for our dog's grooming appointment (I had called when I realized we wouldn't take it on time and the groomer gave us 15 extra minutes to get there). After dropping her off, we headed to Ross, where I got that new comforter set you can see in the above picture. You can also see cute Whiskey all groomed up and tiny. She looks like a totally different dog with her hair shaved short, but she's super soft now.

So long story short, we finally have bedroom furniture! Our bed isn't just sitting there on a metal frame. We actually have a decorative headboard and foot board, nightstands, and a dresser! Finally some more room for those clothes! It's been a mess with not much storage area for our clothes. I'm super happy to have it. And yes, this officially means we have an actual bed in our guest room now. Instead of that futon haha. It's not set up yet because we are saving to do that project this upcoming weekend.

I'm so happy to finally have storage space, furniture, and a huge bed! It's nice to not get kneed when trying to sleep haha. Although with all this extra room I'm guessing Hubs isn't quite used to it. He still seems to sleep right next to me instead of us having room on each side of us. It's cute though, he's a cuddler and I love that.