Monday, May 19, 2014

Parade And A Surprise Visitor

I know I know, I've said that I would be posting more recipes. There will be later! I had a delay in making your mouths water by reading my blog, because we had a surprise visitor come and stay with us for the weekend! Our cousin had been talking to us about wanting to visit, but she suddenly decided to drive down here on Thursday and just get away for that weekend. So, that she did. She drove all day and go to us Thursday night, and then left this morning. 

On Friday, I showed her around the base and that night we had some friends over for a little party. It was a bunch of fun hanging out with everyone and there were plenty of funny moments. Saturday Hubs traveled to the West Coast for a parade for the Armed Forces. Our cousin and I drove all the way over there to see him and root him on. It was an incredibly proud feeling watching everyone on the side of the streets cheering the Military members on, including my Hubby. I had such a blast. It was such a long drive though, luckily we get good gas mileage in our car!

Sunday was a very laid back kind of day. Living on a small Military base meant most things were closed or closed a lot earlier than normal. My cousin and I just hung out playing games most of the day. We decided to go out to eat since it was her last night in town. We definitely did not want to drive to town considering the six hour drive the previous day for the parade we went to. Basically everything was closed on base except for Pizza Hut. I was kind of disappointed because I would have rather went to a restaurant with more options. We still had some pretty good pizza and wings while visiting with each other. I had such a great weekend and was so glad that she came to visit us! Cannot wait until she does it again!

Weekend In Pictures: