Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pinspiration For The Home

For those of you that follow me on Pinterest, I have a board for just about everything. And if there isn't a bored there, wait a week and check again. I'm adding more and more every time I'm on there. I'm a nerd when it comes to organizing so I began with a home decor board and ended with a military house decor, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, baby and kid rooms, laundry room, home office, in-between home decor, and backyard board. Yeah. That organized. It's not just those boards that I'm organized on either (I just chose those to stay focused on the topic). Those boards for the home are things that I am dreaming of for our place to end up like. Sure, I see awesome pins with secret bookcase doors and such, but none of those you will find on these boards. I try to draw a fine line between realistic and unrealistic for what our place will end up looking like. We also got our taxes back recently, so whatever ideas I haven't already done from my Pinterest is about to go down.

I have found so many great ideas, and figured heck, why not share them with ya?! So, ladies and gentleman, here are a few of my favorite "pinspirations" for the home.

Living Room

This is such a great idea for not just the living room, but anywhere that there may be many cords plugged in everywhere. What else are you going to do with those bread bag ties anyway? Throw them away? I don't think so. This goes with my crazy organizing mind too. Now I don't have to follow a cord from the plug to the device just to know what I'm about to unplug. So happy to have found this!
(no source found)

Wrapping your couch in bookcases! Interesting idea. You could store pictures, books, DVDs, whatever you would like, while having a tiny table all around the couch. I had never heard or seen this idea before found on Pinterest. I love it.


My husband and I recently bought a whole new set of pots and pans. We bought the Rachel Ray non-stick ones. These are my babies. I hand wash them so they will last longer, and I store them all together. I read the manual and made sure to care for them in ways that will help them last longer. I store them in the cabinet though (with our limited kitchen space) and recently noticed that stacking them on each other is ending up with scratches on the non-stick surface. This picture right here, is the solution. Not only does it help my pots and pans from not getting scratched... It also is so much easier to grab just one item instead of having to grab a bunch for the pan that's in the middle of several others.

Again about the limited kitchen space... This could be another solution. There is so much space above the plates in our cabinets just going to waste! You don't have to use it for coffee mugs, how about the smaller plates, or put it in another cabinet and use it to store your saran wrap, foil etc. Then you can free up that drawer that holds those items!

I wish we had a pantry. There was certainly room in the walls here to build one, but we weren't as lucky I guess. If I were building these houses, I would certainly add extra storage space where I was able to, that is for sure. Anyway, for the lucky ones that do have a pantry, this idea is great. Just nail a couple of these bad boys in the unused space between the shelves and the door! This is such a great idea, I love it. When we move, I will make sure we have a pantry so I can do this for even more great storage.


For those of you that have normal drawers in your bathroom (yes, that means I have two abnormally large sized drawers in mine, with one cupboard), this is a fantastic idea. This could even be a great idea for a vanity. Organize all those small items into tiny bins, and then stick some velcro onto the bottoms of the containers, and to the bottom of the drawer so they don't slide all over the place.

(no source for white curtain, source for black curtain)

If I didn't love what my shower curtain looked like, I would do this. Maybe in the future I will. Hanging a curtain from the ceiling of the shower tub is an amazing idea. Hats off to the genius who came up with this idea when everyone else just went along with decorated shower curtains (like me). It shuts out the shower area and adds a more elegant feeling to the bathroom. All bathrooms could use that feeling, don't lie to yourself.

(Source not found)

This is something I do in our house. For some odd reason our shower curtain rod is this old plastic one, that is glued to each side of the wall... So if you wanted to put a shower curtain on there, it better be one with open hooks. It didn't look that sturdy, and didn't look nice in the bathroom. So, we bought a second shower curtain rod that actually looked nice. Stuck our shower curtain on that one, and now we use the one that was already stuck there for towels and wash clothes and such. out of sight and you can still shut the shower curtain to keep it looking nice in the bathroom.


Lets take a minute to just be in awe of some great decorating and dream that our bedrooms look like these...
(no source 3, Source 4)

I love this idea. Paint the whole inside of the drawer. I think I'm a little scared to do it considering the fact that we might end up changing our bedroom colors....Ah crap, I'm gunna do it anyway! I can just re-paint it by that time. Or who knows, we many have new furniture at that time. This is such a great way to add a pop of color to furniture. 

You can buy these drawer organizers at the store (like the bottom picture), or go creative and use some shoe boxes (like the top photo). You can just decorate the shoe boxes to your liking and then stick them in there. Great for underwear, bras, and all sorts of stuff!

That's all for today! Check back here tomorrow for Pinspiration for kids rooms, laundry room, home offices, in-between decor, and backyards!

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