Friday, February 28, 2014

Pinspiration For The Home (Part 2)

Well, there has been rumors going around about a storm heading our way lately. But the news was saying it was going to be a couple days ago. We got a little bit of rain and then the next day was sunny yet super windy. So much for a storm, until I woke up today and went outside to smell rain. A couple hours later and now the sky is all grey and I can already hear the thunder. I was watching TV and a flash flood warning popped up. Here we go again. This happened not long after I moved here. Desert life sure is interesting. I figured I would post this now in case a power outage was in my near future.

This is part two of a post that was getting too long! More amazing Pinspiration for the home! Yesterdays Pinspiration post was for four important rooms in the house. Living room, bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen. If you haven't read and looked at the amazing ideas, you can check out yesterdays post by clicking here. Today, I will continue by talking and showing some ideas for baby & kid rooms, laundry room, home office, in-between home decor, and the backyard! So let's start shall we...

Baby & Kid Rooms

An entertainment center up-cycled into a great storage area and changing table! such an awesome idea! Not only is there storage for clothing, toys, and whatever else, but theirs a changing area! What a great way to save space. Great idea for my future babies room.

If you can get away with doing this to a door in your home, it is a fantastic idea. It's like a homemade, stylish baby gate! It could be done to any room that you would want, like a babies room or a play room. 

Normal closets are just too big for little baby and kids clothes. Adding a shelving or cubby system to the bottom of the closet makes room for more storage for clothes, toys, and books. Use up that space that is all open!

Laundry Room

This is such a cute way to let everyone in the family know that there are some missing socks out there! What else are you to do with those lonely socks? So cute.

I love this idea. If you have front loading washer and dryers, then add a nice piece of wood to the top to make your own counter. You can decorate it as shown in the picture. You could even use the new counter top to sort clothes and fold them. Great idea for the laundry room, especially if there is limited space.

Home Office

What a great way to organize that office area! Cork boards, chalk boards, white board calender, mail in and out center, etc. This has everything you would need for a small office area, and an organized one at that. The desk is simply made by a filing cabinet and some drawers with a table top placed on top of them. So simple, and cute.

A homemade desk made simply by some shelves, and some sanded and stained wood! A great big desk for cheaper than going to buy a big one with storage. Great idea and a fun project that a couple could work on together. 

Office storage in a trunk. I've had this pinned for quite some time and love the idea. It could be a homemade seating trunk that's used to store files as well. The cork board on the other side of the lid is a great addition as well for keeping notes and such.

In-Between Home Decor

Such a simple idea. Adding a decoration that you would normally put on your wall to some glass and then into a frame. Especially nice for military families or people that are living in apartments etc. You don't have to worry about cleaning the wall and it can go with you to your new home when you move!

I haven't heard or thought of doing this before stumbling across this. Take a picture that you wouldn't mind being in black and white, go to Office Depot or another office store and ask for an engineer print. Cheap giant photos for decoration, who couldn't love that?

Great ideas for different ways to organize all of those pictures into a nice display. I love this. I can never figure out where or how to put up picture onto a wall except for side by side. This offers tons of ways to change that awkward situation.


Using a pallet made of wood for an herb garden. Perfect for my situation. Military apartment style housing. Why spend money on herbs when you're cooking if it's this easy to just grow them right on your porch? You don't even need a yard!

If you click on the source below the picture, this is a list of foods that can regrow from your scraps. Perfect project for your backyard to save money on buying foods over again. Great way to save money too. Why bother buying new ones when you only have to buy it once for an unlimited supply?

A huge thing to do in your backyard is to build your own fire pit! This, I have helped my Mom do back when I lived with her in High School. It is super easy to do, and lasts for a long time! Who wouldn't want to just step into their back and roast some marshmallows?  Perfect.

Well, that's all folks! Some of my findings of home inspiration from Pinterest. These were only some, so if you would like to browse and see more, don't be afraid to check out my Pinterest account. Don't be afraid of that follow button either!

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