Thursday, March 15, 2012

Technology: Good or Bad?

Every time I step out of my Sociology class, I'm just crazy blown away by the conversations that go on in that class. Lately we have been talking about technology. Good or Bad?

I mean don't get me wrong, I am such a complete techy nerd. Like, you have no idea how much I love technology haha. But the direction we are going in with technology can be pretty bad... You know how we have Encyclopedias? They are going to stop printing out copies of them and from now on they will only be available online. Sure, that can be great for the environment and it is a lot less paper that would be consumed. But then again...If we end up with a world where all of our resources and important documents are online, what happens if it crashes? What happens if something happens in the future to technology and then BAM, everything is gone? Where would we be then? Gosh, instead of ranting about this stuff I might as well organize it some...

Where The World Is Leading To:

  • Did you know that Google is in the process of making something that is called Google Glasses? These glasses will be almost like a computer. The glasses are designed to look up whatever you look at online and have it pop up right on the lenses for you to see. You look at a shirt, BAM, Google pops up all of the places that you can find that shirt, shirts like it, etc. I also heard that if you were to look at a person, it would then Google that person as well and you would be finding out a bunch about them on the internet while looking right at them. I'm not quite sure how they are going to be able to do all of this, it sure does blow my mind. But....Doesn't that seem a little creepy as well? Talk about an invasion of privacy.
  • I also heard that the government is working on going "paperless". This means that all of our personal documents, including medical documents etc will be going paperless as well. Along with this, they are wanting to plant a micro chip into each of us starting in the next few years. This "chip" will be "very handy", see, you just walk into the doctors office for example, and instead of pulling out I.D. cards, papers, bills, whatever paper items you might be using for the visit, you would simply hold out your wrist and they can scan it and everything they need will pop up on a screen for them. Sounds great right?....Not to me.... Come on! Sounds like just an interesting way to track where we are whenever needed. And implanting something in me? Bleh. No thanks....Doesn't sound fun.
  • Now here is an interesting one....Privacy on the Internet. How much is really private? Before the internet became so popular, before MySpace and Facebook, and well, Blogger even, how would people (including the government) find out what they want to find out about us? It was a lot more difficult. Today everyone is willingly posting online tons of information about themselves. Facebook for example, how many people on there have their address, phone number, etc posted for "friends" to see. Guess what? You may have it set to only your friends to see, but it's still on the internet. There are ways to get past that "privacy" and get that information. Even now with cell phones and posting things online, tagging where you and your friends are at the moment, where you go every Friday night, posting where you just went to eat and saying that it's your "favorite place to go" is just letting everyone online know where and how often you go somewhere, and where they can find you. Don't get me wrong, I do these things as well. I'm not badgering, just stating some facts and thoughts.
Okay, I could probably keep going on about this stuff for a longgg time. But I don't want this post to be crazy long. Here is an interesting video about Internet Privacy, how easy and how much can be found out about someone even if their Facebook is "private." Along with a teacher that got fired because of someone finding something on her Facebook, that was private. PLEASE WATCH!

So what do you think about this? Does it make you second think about Internet Privacy?
Another horrible wrong thing about this video...
This teacher is over 21, was only simply having a couple drinks on her trip in Europe. Nothing crazy, she wasn't dancing on bars or doing anything inappropriate, she was only having an alcoholic beverage. Nothing wrong with that....