Saturday, September 15, 2012

Love Stories ♥ & Wedding Planning/Tips

I figured I would start off this post with something that is on our wedding website.
Sky&I both wrote a little story about us. How we became a couple, what we went through. Simply our short love story I guess you would say. From each of our points of view though. Our wedding website requires you to enter a password to view everything, so i figured I would post "our stories" on my blog for everyone to see, along with some interesting information that I want to keep for our wedding & honeymoon planning as well.

Free Upgrades:
Honeymoons are special occasions that vendors appreciate. When making reservations inform the airline, hotel or vendor that you are on your honeymoon and ask about special honeymoon rates or upgrades. This same tactic works in person when checking in.

Honeymoon Packing: Go for carry-on's! (Cheaper!)
Plan outfits for every day ahead of time: For couples that have at least a rough itinerary outlines, pack your carry-on by laying out outfits per activity, per day. The best way to do this is to assign each day an outfit and lay it out on your bed. Choose your top six favorite outfits and then narrow them down by how interchangeable each item in that ensemble is.

Don't over-pack in fear of forgetting: Some people get anxiety about traveling without enough options (I know I do!). Whether you want to avoid the chance of forgetting your favorite dress or lucky bracelet, planning ahead is the best way to prevent a travel-induced meltdown. Make a list from the essentials to the extras. Once your bag begins to fill up, take one item out at a time based upon importance. You may find that over-packing doesn't actually help you decide what to wear, and instead can add to the problem of indecisiveness. Keep in mind, that you might buy new clothes on your honeymoon destination anyway, or even other things that you may need to pack on the way back home.

Minimize Honeymoon Stress!
Dream big, but don't over-schedule: Weddings are exhausting and decompression will be your first order of business. Know that you should allow plenty of time for doing nothing at all. Alternate packed days with spa treatments and breakfasts in bed. RELAX!

Use your miles: If you have frequent flier miles saved up and you have a long honeymoon flight, use them! And make them first class. Book in advance-the sooner the better-to get the best availability and lowest price.

Honeymoon Travel Tips:
Don't forget to record your honeymoon memories: Write a journal, keep tickets, flowers, brochures etc. Bring extra batteries and a couple of memory sticks for your camera. Remember to charge your batteries every night for the next day. 

Consider A Cruise!
It may come as a surprise, but cruises are traditionally much cheaper than doing a resort. You want to remember that food is normally included in the trip cost. If you're not big drinkers, you won't be racking up a huge bar tab and your only other expenses will be souvenirs and on-shore excursions.

Do A Short Trip Now, And A Long One Later:
Another alternative is doing a short weekend or one-night trip immediately after the wedding and then waiting until there is enough money to do an all-out trip.