Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Guess Who's Back?

I guess that's a silly question. Because duh, if you're reading this then you obviously know that I'm back! I'm excited to be back writing and hope that you're just as excited to be reading new posts of mine again. So much has happened in the last few months since my previous post, and I cannot wait to start telling you about it all!

The biggest shocker of them all is that we are back to living in the United States! That's right, no more Germany for us. Living in Germany didn't last long but it was such an amazing experience and we are both extremely thankful to have lived there. We were able to travel and experience things that would have been extremely hard to do without the Army's help of sending us there. The friends and memories that we made while in Europe will forever be a huge part of our lives.

Of course, I have posted about a few places that we were able to visit when we first arrived in Germany like the Dachau Concentration Camp, and King Ludwigs Castles. After arriving in Germany, I got caught up in the moment and took a break from my blog. We traveled to three other countries while living in Germany and have seen so many beautiful and ancient places. I decided to spend the time that I had in Europe fully focusing on the memories that I was making. Now that we are living back in the United States, I am very excited to start sharing those exact memories with you.

I hope you are looking forward to the many future posts that will be coming. From my travel experiences, advice, what I have learned, people I have met, and of course updates from my personal life as well.

To make a long story end, I'm back!!!