Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Big Move: Day Three

We woke up to the alarm we had set the night before and jumped up to get ready. We gave ourselves half an hour until we had to be out the door. It seems like a long time but really isn't at all haha. We were in a rush, getting dressed, putting things in our suitcases, cleaning up, and getting everything in order to drag downstairs and wait for our cab we called for. We were told to be at the airport at 8 am and no later, so we called a cab to get us at 7:30 to be extra safe. As we were getting into the cab a family asked if they could ride with us and split the cost. I noticed it was the girl that I talked to back at the BWI airport! It had turned out they didn't have any Euros on them so we paid for the cab and in exchange they helped us carry our luggage (considering we had 5 suitcases to drag).

We spent the entire morning visiting with each other. She was very nice, too bad they weren't stationed where we are! Her husband left to go to the German bakery across the street and when he came back the food looked amazing! My husband decided to go there as well and got us breakfast, as well as lunch to bring with us on the bus we were waiting for. Considering the bus was going to be a day long bus ride. For breakfast I got a chocolate croissant that was heavenly. And for lunch, we both got salami sandwiches. There wasn't much on them but they tasted fantastic! I think it's because of the bread. I mean fresh bread from a German bakery, you can't go wrong with that!!

The girl next to me got a Simpsons donut, and there's that heavenly croissant I got!
And that crazy good sandwich!

The bus ride was long and took all day. It was nice being able to look out a big window at all of the towns we passed through. My husband and I just visited with each other, and the families that were around us. We got to our first stop a couple hours into the ride at McDonald's and a gas station. I am not a fan of McDonald's but I have heard that in different countries the menu is different. We already had our sandwiches we got at the bakery to eat for lunch so we went in just to take a peak around. They had fried chicken and curly fries! How weird is that?! We went into the gas station and got a couple snacks before getting back onto the bus.

Our next stop was another Military base, where most of the passengers were dropped off at. It was only us and one other couple with a baby that stayed on to go to Hohenfels. We visited with them for the remainder of the trip until we finally arrived at our new home base. We were picked up by my husbands sponsor, and he kindly took us to get something to eat for dinner before taking us to our room. 

After we got food we were dropped off at temporary lodging (where we have been staying for a week now). It seemed nice at first because we finally slept in a bed, and had a place we were staying at for a while instead of moving around everywhere like we had been doing for the past few weeks. After a while, it's not so nice... which I will explain in another post updating about what is going on at this moment! But for now...