Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Currently October

❤ Making a comeback on the blog. Happy? I hope you are!

❤ A little less stressed, thanks to taking some time to myself, and knowing a little more about what is going on in our lives the next few months.

❤ Just celebrated my Birthday!

❤ Quite addicted to online shopping, and selling things. I've made about $100 cleaning out old things that we don't use anymore, and then of course spent about half of it already haha. But I am continuing to clean things out of our house and putting them up for sale!

❤ Just counting down the days until we can be done with this stressful move!

❤ Excited to try a couple slow cooker recipes. I don't care if the weather isn't that cold here yet, I'm getting into the cold weather spirit no matter what!

❤ Speaking of my birthday, I got my Olive Garden fix for my birthday dinner. I'm getting sick of their pasta, but I can't get enough of their soup, salad, breadsticks and alfredo sauce!

❤ I just dogsat (totally a word) for my neighbor while she had a baby! Their baby is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.

❤ Watched the movie Gone Girl. My opinion? Go see it. Now. Seriously just leave now and watch it. It was so good!

❤ Watching Gilmore Girls religiously since it's on Netlifx (cue high pitched scream). I'm also finally watching the last season of True Blood as well!

What's going on this October for you?