Friday, May 23, 2014

The Best Disneyland Rides

If you haven't realized by now, I'm quite the Disney freak. Any opportunity I get to do anything Disney related, I snatch that up real quick. I'm lucky enough to have gone there several times, including one trip to Disney World as well. This post however, is centered around the BEST Disneyland rides. In my opinion, of course. Read on to find out which are the most interesting, thrilling rides in the theme park, you might even discover some facts that you didn't know about before....

Before you think of it, I'll let you know that I will be doing a post about the rides in Disney's California Adventure, separately. So keep an eye out!

Rides & Entertainment

Enchanted Tiki Room: A room where birds sing you songs and entertain you while you take a rest from walking around the park all day. I haven't been in here in quite a while, but it was something I loved to do when I was younger.

Jungle Cruise: The Jungle Cruise is such a fun ride for all ages. As you can see there is a river in the picture above. The ride consists of a boat ride through a jungle, guided by your comedic tour guide. The ride is full of hidden mechanical animals and a waterfall that you ride under. Its entertaining while you get to sit down for a while and take a rest.

Tarzan Treehouse: Please tell me you have seen the Disney movie Tarzan. If you have, you will love this attraction. It is just what it's called, a treehouse. A great thing for kids to climb through while going through the story of Tarzan as well. If you're tired from walking around, don't bother climbing all these stairs to get to the top. Take a ride on the Jungle Cruise for a break.

Indiana Jones Adventure: THIS is an all time FAVORITE. I could go on this ride over and over again. WARNING, the ride is very "jerky" as in it lashes you around a lot because the vehicle you are on moves fast and takes tight turns. You go underground and through the adventure that Indiana Jones goes on in the movies. You sit in a jeep full of people, go across a bridge that is about to fall, get attacked by a giant snake, and don't forget that giant boulder... watch out for that. 

Shops & Restaurants

Bazaar: This shop isn't named on the map, but it's one of my favorites to look around in. It's full of wild stuffed animals, and gifts related to Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean.

 New Orleans Square:
Rides & Entertainment

Pirates of the Caribbean: Again, one of my all time favorites. This is a movie that will always be one of my favorites, and the ride has had the same affect on me. A beautiful building where you end up taking a boat ride through the story. There are a couple drops on this ride, and they're so much fun because you cannot see them coming considering it's so dark in there. This ride gives you the impression that you are outside under a starry night sky, in the middle of pirates battling. 

Disneyland Railroad: The Disneyland Railroad has four stations around the park. One of which will not be mentioned on the blog in this post, because it is right at the entrance of the Disneyland park. You cannot miss it when you walk in. You walk under it to get to the rest of the park. This ride is another sit and relax ride, while also getting to another part of the park quicker than walking. Not many people use this either, so don't worry too much about not getting a seat unless the park is extremely busy. The railroad gives you a ride while doing some sight seeing of behind the park, while the conductor talks to you and gives you a little information about what you are seeing.

Haunted Mansion: Again, one of my all time favorites. What I really love about this ride, is that they change it for Halloween and Christmas. The inside of the ride is completely decorated for the Holidays. You follow Jack Skellington through a creepy mansion where ghosts await your visit. This is a ride where while waiting in line, you can find some humor by reading the tombstones. 

Tom Sawyer Island: This one isn't quite one of my favorites, but I felt that you should know about it. You take a short boat ride across the river. The island has lots of ares to explore, especially for children. This island shuts down for the Fantasmic! show at night, which I recommend watching from across the island in front of Cafe Orleans. It's a show worth watching.

Shops & Restaurants

Blue Bayou: This restaurant is one of the high end fancy ones in the park. Good luck getting a table without a reservation. The most fascinating part of this restaurant is that it's inside the ride of Pirates of the Caribbean. The tables are on the water at the beginning of the ride, right under the quiet starry night sky. How romantic.

French Market: I've heard great things about this place, food is amazing. I have unfortunately never been there, because again it's a place hard to eat it without having reservations first. If you can, try and eat anywhere in New Orleans square, they're all quite good.

Critter Country:
Rides & Entertainment

Splash Mountain: This is one of the most fun rides in the park. Especially in the summer, because it's a water ride! It's exactly as it sounds. You ride a log through the mountain as it tells a story about Brer Rabbit. Along the story you are taken through a couple of small drops. Don't seem small? It will once you reach the final drop, which is 52.5 feet down. Are you going to get what? Most likely. I've gone on it where I survived with just a few drops, others.... I was soaked.

I didn't write much about this area because to me, Splash Mountain is the best and nothing in the area can compare. There are a few small shops and a little kid attraction for Winnie the Pooh, where is also meet and greets with the characters from the classic Disney film. I'm also going to be skipping Frontierland. Personally I just don't find this area of the park that appealing. There's one "big kid" ride, and it's way too jerky for me. This ride being the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Sometimes I'll take a ride on it for the roller coaster feeling, but most days I skip it.

Rides & Entertainment

Kid Rides: Fantasyland is home to a ton of little kid rides, you can see following after Sleeping Beauty's castle things like Peter Pan's Flight, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Snow White's Scary Adventure, King Aurthur Carousel, and so on. I will admit, when my Hubs and I were last in Disneyland, we rode those rides. I love Disneyland, okay? But for big kid rides, they didn't make my list...

Mad Tea Party: Remember the Mad Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland? Here you sit in a giant tea cup, close the door behind you and turn a wheel in the middle of your cup to spin as fast as you can! Classic ride, for little ones or big kids it's always a fun one to go on.

Storybook Land Canal Boats: Here you wait in line to board a tiny boat for a tour through a tiny land, Storybook Land that is. Float past tiny replicas of your favorite Disney stories, while your host lets you in on the inside scoop. Lovebirds taking a ride? My Hubs and I went on this ride during our honeymoon, they made a big deal about us sitting across the boat from each other and made us hold hands, and then sang to us. Haha, one of the many treats when going to a Disney park while celebrating.

Matterhorn Bobsleds: This ride is a jerky one. I used to go on it when I was younger, but no I skip right by it. I think the yeti version of this in Walt Disney World is a lot more fun and entertaining. If you don't mind being jerked around every turn, then go ahead and be my guest. It's still fun.

It's A Small World: If you don't have the song stuck in your head now, you will later. I will always love this classic boat ride. Wait in a fast line to hop in a boat while you float past different parts of the world while people and animals sing the classic song to you. I love how everyone in the world is brought together in this ride, including different languages as you go through the ride. Keep a look out for special characters like Aladdin and the Princess riding the magic carpet in there!

Rides & Entertainment

Astro Orbitor: This one is more of a kids ride, but it's a well known one. Fly away in a rocket!

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters: Uh, I better find you in line for this one, along with the next few I mention actually... Fan of Toy Story? Good. Ride this. You sit in a car and compete with the person sitting next to you by shooting your laser gun at all of the targets while moving through the building. It's a ton of fun.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue: Classic as well. Wait in line with plenty of things to entertain you along the way. Get sent into a spaceship with your 3D glasses to go on a mission with C-3P0 and R2-D2. There are a ton of variations of the ride so go on it twice, I guarantee it will be different. 

Space Mountain: Did I mention there was a lot of cool rides in this area of the park yet? Well you have to go on this one too. It may have an extremely long wait, so get a fast-pass early. Heck, get a fast-pass and then wait in line so you can ride it twice! Sit in a rocket that sends you through time in space (aka a roller coaster in the dark with lots of cool lights that look like stars). This one is SO. AWESOME. Seriously, just go on it.

Captain EO: This old movie staring Michael Jackson was shown here quite a long time ago. After his passing, they now air the show regularly. Head into a theater where the seats move along with the show! It's a little cheesy, considering it was made some time ago. But go ahead and sit down and relax while watching it.

Innoventions: This giant building was Disney's idea of the future. Explore through it, some of the things are pretty common in (rich people's) homes today, but it's still very fun to take a look at and play around with. They also have a few shows you can watch as well.

Starcade: This regular arcade room is huge, and has tons of games! Go ahead and stop in, it's also next to the Star Wars shop, which has a ton of things, including an area to build your own R2-D2.

Autopia: This was so big, it needed it's own picture. No matter your age, hop into a car with your new Autopia driver's licence, and take a spin on the road! 

Finding Nemo Submarine: Wait in a short line to climb down into a submarine while you're taken underwater to see Nemo and his friends!

Transportation: Disneyland's Monorail stops here, and in Downtown Disney as well. It makes for fast trips from the park to downtown for a bite to eat or a shopping break. Another stop of the Disneyland Railroad is nearby here as well, which you have already learned goes through the whole park.


Last but not least, we have Toontown. I won't go into detail about all of the rides here. The town is mainly for little ones, to explore their favorite characters houses, and go on rides just as little as they are. It's still fun to explore through there houses, and Mickey along with many other characters are often found here.

That's Disneyland for ya! Does it make you wanna go there? I'm already planning a trip myself, and cannot wait! Stay tuned for Disney's California Adventure!