Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All About... Disney's California Adventure Park

You first walk into California Adventure to be brought back in time, and see what L.A. was like in 1923 when Walt Disney himself saw it. Here you have lockers that you can rent to store your items that you don't want to carry around, bathrooms, tons of shops and places to eat. Explore all you want and even hitch a ride on the trolley that can take you all the way to Hollywood, ending at one of my all time favorite rides, the Hollywood Tower of Terror!

Buena Vista Street & Condor Flats:
Rides & Entertainment

Soarin Over California: Soar right over California in this hang gliding adventure. Sit in a row of seats just to be taken up and above into a giant screen that looks and feels as if you were actually flying across California, from orange tree fields, to rivers and the smell of pine trees are in the air, to right above Disneyland just in time to see Tinkerbell show off some fireworks! The combination of sights, smells, and the breeze is amazing. 

Shops & Restaurants

Clarabelle's Hand Scooped Ice Cream: This place is another little shop that sells delicious ice-cream, enough said!

Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe: From little snacks to small meals like picking up a sandwich on your way to a ride, this place has some good choices. They even have Starbucks! That's a score right there!

Mortimer's Market: This market has tons of fruit and drinks to choose from, be careful though. If you have the time, I'd get it from a store and bring it in with you, because the prices here are a little crazy...

That Purple Arrow You're Wondering About: Nice title, right? I have no idea what this little kiosk is called. It's like an information booth. They have a map of the park, with times of shows as well. You can even stop by and pick up a fold-able map of the parks here. If you are celebrating anything, then stop here. Whether it's your birthday or someone's in your group, an anniversary, honeymoon, or first visit, you can pick up a celebrating button! These buttons are a huge score because they get you extra attention from workers, they may surprise you with something if they see one on you!

Hollywood Land:
Rides & Entertainment

Muppet Vision 3D: This is a show, obviously in 3D as you can tell form the title. Not only is there about a half hour show, but there are Muppet's that pop up from side balcony's during the show as well. It's funny, and entertaining while sitting down in a cool place to take a rest from walking and standing in line all day.

Mad T Party: Are you a fan of Alice In Wonderland? This adult-like rave party is awesome! The "Mad Hatter" is a DJ, while all other characters are in a band that perform live just for everyone! One thing about Disney's California Adventure Park is that they are more adult friendly. That being said, they have Alice In Wonderland themed alcoholic drinks that have super fun names. It's definitely worth to stop by this party.

Monsters Inc. Mike & Sully to the Rescue!: I'm a huge fan on Monster's Inc. So I love this ride, even though it's a little more of a kiddie ride than an adult one. You ride through Monstropolis in a taxi cab, going through the scenes of the movie. Here's something fun though... At the very end of the ride stands Roz, the giant slug in a sweater. Pay attention to what she says, because she is actually talking to you! Have fun with that!

Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular: I haven't watched this show since I was little. Which means I'm going to have to see it next time I'm there to refresh my memory! Plus my Hubs hasn't seen it yet. This is a 40 minute show with all of your favorite characters from this classic story!

Hollywood Tower of Terror:
Don't you dare go into this park without taking a ride on this creepy elevator. You walk into a haunted hotel, where all of the workers are just as creepy as the spiderwebs around you. You are taken into a room that explains what happened one horrible night here, and then.... to the elevator you are taken. This is seriously one of my all time favorite rides. It's a lot of fun at night too because when you are taken up in the elevator, and the doors open up you are at the top of the tower and can see the whole park from up there... for a second until you're dropped.

Cars Land:
Rides & Entertainment

Radiator Springs Races: This is one of the funnest rides I've ever been on. And everyone knows this, so my first time riding on it we waiting for like 3 hours just to go on it. To be fair it hadn't been opened for long. And it really still hasn't died down from what I've heard. Fast passes for it run out quick. You sit in a car and go through the shops to get painted and have nicer tires. After getting all fixed up you're suddenly beside another car full of people. And then the race begins... It's such a fun fast paced ride.

Luigi's Flying Tires: If you're a big Disney fan, then these will looks familiar. And you will be excited that they are back. You sit on a giant tire and hold on, because suddenly there's tons of air coming from the ground beneath you and you're floating! All you have to do is aim by leaning to move your tire.

Shops & Restaurants

Crazy Cone Motel: Lots of yummy snacks and drinks are available here. You can look at the menu by clicking here. The really cool and interesting thing about this shop is that when you buy the souvenir cup, it's a cone itself! I thought that was a pretty unique idea. They sell a vodka-lemonade drink there as well, for us adults.

Paradise Pier:
Rides & Entertainment

California Screamin': This is tons of fun as well, a super fast roller coaster which also happens to be the first upside down roller coaster I have ever been on. You are first taken out to wait in the middle of the water, when the countdown begins. Once it hits one you're taken up to 55 mph and about the park at almost 120 feet. There's a reason "screamin'" is in the name.

Toy Story Mania: This is a super fun 3D ride. This one is fairly new as well, and can have a pretty long wait. The wait seems to go by kinda fast but I suggest getting a Fast Pass when you can so you can have a much shorter line. You are sat in a swiveling car and handed 3D glasses. The car takes you through many mini games where you and the person sitting next to you compete by throwing 3D rings and balls onto targets from your cannon. While waiting in line, Mr. Potato Head will tell you some good jokes.

Mickey's Fun Wheel: You can't have a park without a Ferris wheel! There's a twist to this one though, you can ride in the classic carts, or one that sways while spinning. I'm never brave enough to ride in the swaying ones!

Silly Symphony Swings: Another classic carnival like ride. Hop into a swing with super long chains and prepare to be flying over the water and the boardwalk!

Goofy's Sky School: You know that silly tiny roller coaster that looks like it's for little kids at Fairs? But then it turns out to be super fun and fast? This is one of those rides. A mini roller coaster!

Shops & Restaurants

Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company: Located over by California Screamin', this place has delicious ice cream! Can't go wrong with some ice cream in your hand while walking on the boardwalk!

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta: This is a fairly priced restaurant with lots of different main dishes as well as side dishes. It's cafeteria style and the food tastes really good!

Corn Dog Castle: I saved the best for last! This place is both mine and my husband's favorite place to eat. It's pretty cheap considering it is Disney. They have delicious corn dogs that come with chips or apples, and a drink. They're yummy and filling! Hubs and I are already planning on hitting this up as soon as we get there! 

Grizzly Peak:
Rides & Entertainment

Grizzly River Run: White water rafting! All the fun without the danger. Everyone sits in a round inner tube (those blue, orange/red and yellow circle things you can see in the water in the picture above), straps in and gets ready to go on a crazy adventure through caves, up hills, down waterfalls, and through crazy rapids! You're lucky if you survive with just a leg drenched in water. Make sure and bring zip-lock bags for your phone to be safe!