Here's our special day in pictures.

Getting Ready
As soon as I looked in the mirror, I cried.
And Cried...
And laughed and cried.

My man and my mom.
My grandfather walked me down the isle.
And my Aunt married us.
First kiss as husband and wife.

Us with my Mom and Step-dad. 
Us with his Mom and Dad.
My Grandpa and Step-Grandma.
My Grandma and Papa.
My Great Grandma!
Skyler's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins.
Us with Sky's Uncle.
Us with Sky's Sister.
My Great Aunt & Uncle.
My Aunt (who married us), Uncle, and Cousins.
Those little goofballs. 
A "I'm tired of taking pictures" family picture.

Bridal Party
Such model status!
I love the lighting on this picture!
I found this idea on Pinterest, and it was a must-do!

This was not planned. Sky was holding my dress so I
could walk, and then we kissed.
I love this picture.


He's just so cute!

Our first dance, as a married couple anyway.
I lost my Dad when I was 15.
His remembrance table.
I love all of the toasts people gave.
Sky's sister broke down in the middle of hers.
Sky got up and shared a lovely moment with her.
My Mom made that gorgeous cake, btw.
Along with all the bouquets. 
This was horrible....
The winners of the Anniversary Couple Dance!
Goofing around during the money dance.
The bouquet toss was fierce
Two winners, Shannon & Lorena, 
that thing was DESTROYED! 
My friend Matt, the winner of the garter toss!
Last event of the night was the Shoe Game.
So much fun and everyone got a good laugh!

Who was my awesome photographer?