Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Update

Hello lovely readers!!! I'm in a fantastic mood at the moment, so why not use this time that I have (that I am in a good mood for) to write?! Duh. It's also time for me to post my Weekend Update, so here we are. It has been very eventful, let me tell you, it was kind of crazy. OOOH! I GET TO REVEAL A SECRET! If you've been reading along the past few posts I have been mentioning that I am going on a trip, but saying nothing else. Why the secrecy? We have been planning a surprise 70th birthday party for my Grandma! My Mom sold her house back in our home town, so she went there to finalize some paperwork while I headed to Santa Rosa to visit with family, relax, and do some final planning before the big shibang. It turned out fantastic, and I was also so happy to see my Mom (who lives in Hawaii, f.y.i.). I couldn't post anything on here about the trip since uh, hello, it was a surprise... Haha. I didn't want to risk word getting out, because anyone who has planned a surprise knows how disappointing that is.

I made sure to take some pictures while on this "vacay" of mine. I tend to forget to do that, and I'm trying to change that habit. My grandma was so surprised that my Mom and I were there, literally as soon as she laid her eyes on us she started bawling crying. I really mean it, she went from smiling and laughing to full on waterfalls in a split second. They were good tears though, happy ones. I had a couple videos but my phone won't allow me to share them (as Stephanie Tanner says, how rude).

I also had some freaking delicious chicken, and a baked potato for dinner during the party. And the chicken was totally in the shape of a heart! Excuse the blurry-ness of it...I may have had a couple drinks, haha!

You know you want a piece of that...

It was great visiting tons of family that I don't get to really see anymore. It was truly great. I cannot even describe how happy I was. I met my cousin Sean's wife (they're newlyweds, too!) who is a total sweetheart, and if she happens to be reading this... I am so happy that you are a part of our crazy family!

A great thing about being in Napa Valley was the wineries! I'm finally 21 and can taste test along side my Mom. She was so happy that we could share some new memories together. I wanted to stop at one winery in particular, because well....

...It's beautiful.

We are now staying in Sac with my Aunt. My Mom and I went to the park over by Capitol and I saw this... Which is obviously worth posting.

I'm scarce for time here, so I'm going to finish up with a few more pictures before I head out with my Mom and Aunt for dinner and drinks!

 Oreo Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, of course!

Typical white girl drink as they say.

 This was so tasty!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!