Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Update: A New Journey

Well hellloooo there fellow bloggers and readers. I'm in a pretty good mood this morning, for the most part anyway. I think I'll be happier once I get some coffee in my system. So, as I have started doing lately, I will now update you on my previous weekend that I didn't blog during. I'm definitely liking taking a break on Saturday and Sunday, and then just doing a weekend update post. It's fun.
Well, let's see. Hubs had to work this weekend (what's new?), but he did tend to get off a little early every day which was nice considering they normally get off later than their "normal" time. 

On Saturday, Hubs had to work of course. He got off work a little early and when he came home I decided to open up to him about something that I have been going through. And, I have decided that I will be open about it on my blog as well. I'm really not happy with myself. I have gained more weight and haven't done anything about it. I've just tried to ignore it, and we all know how well that turns out. I finally told him how I feel, while balling crying by the way. We talked about it and he comforted me (what an amazing Hubby I have). I have decided to start Weight Watchers again. I had started it over a year ago and it worked really well. I lost about 40 pounds and then gave up because I seemed to be stuck. My problem there was that I just needed to switch some things up more and work out more often. At that time though I was working a lot, going to school, and barely had enough time to spend with my friends. I'm such a social person and just wanted to be with my friends instead of spending that little free time I had at the gym, so I quit. Big mistake that was. It was working so well for me and I just gave it up. After we talked we headed over to our friends house to paint some more designs on the beer pong table we have been working on. It ended up being me painting the outline of the design our friend had made, while Hubs's ADHD was kicking in. It's normally not bad but at that moment he was off the wall. He was talking non stop, going in and out of the garage. To the car, inside the house, poking at things that could possible amuse him. I felt like I was in one of those t.v. shows where I'm sitting there doing something at a normal speed and then there's Hubs, just a smear on the screen because he's moving all over the place so fast. Haha, that paints a funny picture in my head. Once I was done painting, we headed into town for dinner. We went to Chili's, which by the way had some ridiculous waiting going on. We stepped into the door to see that there was a big section of the place that was empty, and then was told there was a 15 minute wait. Whatever, we can wait. The wait was longer. We finally got seated and then waited for our food which seemed to take forever. We honestly didn't care though. I was watching the people around us, getting mad about how long it was taking. And there I was, not really giving a damn. Just enjoying being there, it was weird.

Sunday, Hubs went to work, and I was at home most the time. We headed off to "town" (by town I mean the tiny little shops that we actually have on this base), first stop: Game Stop. We walked in with another stack of old and no longer loved games to trade in so I could get a game that I could finally play on the new Xbox One console that we got recently. Anyone ever played Zoo Tycoon? I haven't, haha. I downloaded the little free trial a few days ago so I could see what it was like. It was actually more fun than what I was expecting. Not just building a zoo or whatever, but your a person who builds the zoo, takes care of animals, makes sure they're happy, fed, etc. You have goals that have a time limit on them, and they're actually challenging. I liked it! Before we headed to Game Stop Hubs tried it out too, and he liked it. So, needless to say, we traded in the games to pay less than half of the original price to buy Zoo Tycoon. I haven't played it yet, I told Hubs I would play it tomorrow (which is today now) since last night was kind of our last night together before he's in and out of the field for training like a crazy person. This way I have another entertaining thing to do while he isn't home. After we left Game Stop we went to the PX, where I bought some plane accepted travel bottles to put shampoo and whatnot in. Oh, this is for a plane ride that's a secret. Haha, forgot I haven't mentioned it. Oh well, guess you'll just have to wait and find out where this secret is after the fact, when I can blog about it. Then we were off to the Commissary so Hubs can get more food for in the field. It's retarded that soldiers have to pay for their MRE's while they're dragged out there. Screw that, just buy better tasting food instead of paying for the damn MRE's that should be free. Okay, I'm not going to rant about this right now haha.

This disaster was behind the couch. Packing for the field just makes a mess.
I shouldn't have cleaned this room just for it to be like this again. lol.

It's now Monday, Hubs has left for the field, and it's my first day that I will be starting Weight Watchers up again. Since I'm mostly one to keep this kind of stuff bottled up and only talk to my Mom about it (and now my Hubs), I've decided to break a wall. Like I said earlier I will be talking about it on my blog. I thought it would be an interesting and motivating thing for me to do a weight loss update. Maybe every two weeks? I haven't figured out how often I should be doing it, but I am determined to stick to it and break that wall down. Get all deep and personal with all ya'll reading this. I know it will help me, by motivating me and having another thing to blog about. And I'm sure that there will be people that I can motivate as well, for whatever reason. Wanting to start losing weight, in the process, whatever it may be. I hope you realize this really is a barrier for me that I am breaking down. A really, really, huge wall right there. Keep checking back to see how that goes! I'm off to start my first meal on the program.