Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Revealing Story

My god this weather here is horrible. It's supposed to be SPRING! Tornado warnings? Really? I feel like its just one damn storm after another. And my poor dog is so scared haha.
Anyways, we did this fun little quiz in Psychology that I really liked.
You may take it, or give it to someone else and see what it says about you.

NOTE:When these questions are asked, write down the first answer that pops into your head.

  1. You're walking through the forest, who are you walking with?
  2. As you're walking, you come upon an animal, what type of animal is it?
  3. What's your interaction with the animal?
  4. You continue walking and come upon a house, your dream house. what kind is it?
  5. Is there a fence around the house?
  6. You walk into the house, into the dining room, what do you see?
  7. You walk out the back door and there's a cup on the ground, what kind of cup is it?
  8. What do you do with the cup
  9. You continue walking and come upon a body of water, what kind of body of water is it?
  10. How do you get across the body of water?

  1. Most important person to you.
  2. Perception of the size of your problems.
  3. Represents how you deal with your problems.
  4. Represents size of ambition to solve problems.
  5. If you said no fence-you have an open personality. If there is a fence-you have a closed personality.
  6. You are generally unhappy if there are no people, food, or flowers.
  7. Represents durability of your relationship with who you chose for number one.
  8. Your attitude towards who you chose for number one.
  9. Your size of sexual desire.
  10. How wet you get represents how important your sex life is.