I randomly go around looking at other blogs, who doesn't? And today, I came across a blog and saw the title "101 Things in 1001 Days" in the navigation bar. Puzzled and intrigued, I clicked on it. I then came across a list of 101 things that she had wanted to do. And there was a deadline of 1001 days to do all of them. What an awesome idea! Whoever started this, hats off to you, you genius. It's clear that everyone has had their own form of a bucket list. This, could possibly be a spiced up bucket list. With a dead line. Without kicking the bucket... Hopefully.. Well that went somewhere that I really didn't want it to. So anyway, here is my attempt at this lovely idea.
I got this lovely idea from Breanna at Up Up and Away

Start Date: February 1st 2014
Deadline: October 29th 2016


Love & Life:
1. Add to our family (No rushing on this one haha)
2. Make 2 new friends (2/2)
3. Visit my Mom (This happened in April!!!!)
4. Go on a romantic date
5. Go to the dentist :-/ (completed 10/2014)
6. Get to my goal weight
7. Celebrate our first Valentines Day that we can actually be together for (celebrated early on 2/6/14)
8. Start going to the gym with my husband
9. Have a couples game night
10. Get another pet
11. Get matching tattoos with the husband
12. Get flowers from my husband
13. Celebrate our 1 year anniversary
14. Celebrate our 2 year anniversary
15. Celebrate our 3 year anniversary
16. Go to a fancy restaurant with the husband
17. Pin my husband when he gets promoted
18. Finally do the paperwork so I'm on the husbands bank account (paperwork sent, waiting for my card!)
19. Do all the things pinned on my "for our relationship" board
20. Get my hair trimmed every 3 months

Something New:
21. Read at least 5 new books (4/5)
22. Go to a drive-in movie (completed 8/28/14)
23. Create an office/guest room in our home (completed 6/14)
24. Buy much needed bedroom furniture (completed 4/14)
25. Get a new tattoo
26. Watch 5 Disney movies I haven't seen before (4/5)
27. Get 3 products I found from Pinterest (4/3)
28. Get a King size mattress (completed 4/14)
29. Drink a full glass of water before every meal for a week
30. Write "open when" letters for someone
31. Get a filing cabinet (completed 1/16)
32. Get a printer
33. Learn to make Bananas Foster
34. Get the first PLL book
35. Get a tattoo of my Dad's handwriting
36. Have our first Christmas Cards (with just the two of us)
37. Give 2000 grains of rice via freerice.com (590/2000)
38. Get a gaming computer (Sky got me a bigger external hard drive I use to put games on instead)
39. Get all the Sims games that I want (2/14/14)
40. Pet a Dolphin

41. Go to Universal Studios
42. Go to a Military Ball
43. Spend a weekend in Vegas (completed 6/14)
44. Go to Hawaii (again)
45. Take pictures 10 times that we go off base 
46. Find a good Mexican food restaurant near me
47. Ride the gondola at the Venetian in Vegas
48. Go somewhere that is haunted 
49. Go on a trip with just my mom (Happened in April!!!)
50. See a show (not a movie)
51. Go to a zoo (2/6/14)
52. Go see a comedian
53. Spend New Years somewhere other than a house (we lived in a hotel in Germany while welcoming 2015)
54. Get Natalie to come visit me
55. Go to another country Moved to Germany!
56. Stay in a fancy hotel

Work & Education:
57. Go back to college
58. Get a degree
59. Find a job
60. Do my taxes :-/ (2/19/14)

Blog Related:
61. Come up with 101 things to do (2/1/2014)
62. Inspire someone else to make their own 101 in 1001 list
63. Get to 2000 page views a month on my blog
64. Complete 50 questions to free your mind (1-10) (11-20) (21-35)
65. Blog about at least 10 things as I cross them off this list (10/10)
66. Add a picture to 20 new blog posts (1, 2, 345, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 )
67. Get 10 new blog followers (10/10)
68. Comment on 50 blogs (50/50)
69. Post a video on my blog/YouTube

70. Get a massage
71. Send a friend or family member a care package
72. Make 20 food items from Pinterest (20/20)
73. Don't drink soda for a month (and continue to quit if I think I can survive)
74. Get my husband to watch my favorite 80's movies
75. Give my dog a bath once a month
76. Clean my dog's eyes once a week for a month
77. Have framed pictures of our wedding up in our house (other than 4x6's) (completed 1/16)
78. Create an apartment style herb garden (completed 2/16)
79. Pay off our car
80. Fit into my old jeans
81. Have a Diamond Candle
82. Get a pedicure
83. Complete a hard puzzle 
84. Make my Papa's pumpkin roll
85. Make a filing system for important papers
86. Become better at using/finding coupons (I'm better than I was, but I am still learning!)
87. Dye my hair (this one is inevitable)
88. Actually/Finally use my own bags for groceries instead of forgetting them at home
89. Watch the very last episode of How I Met Your Mother :(
90. Add 20 recipes to my recipe book (20/20)
91. Watch the 4th of July fireworks
92. See a new movie that makes me want to buy it (Saving Mr. Banks, 3/24/2014)
93. Read the first PLL book & start the second
94. Win something
95. Buy bagels and cream cheese from Eisenstein's Bagels on post
96. Make my own candles
97. Gather my friends' addresses for future reference 
98. Make the bed every day for a month
99. Throw out socks and underwear that I don't want anymore (2/4/2014)
100. Paint my nails once a week for a month
101. Learn to cut my dogs hair correctly